Digital menu boards order at restaurant

Digital Menu Board Technology and Solutions

Visually stunning graphics and video take menus, promotional content, and infotainment engagement to a new level.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards:

  • Digital menu boards make it quick and easy to update menu items, pricing, and other content.

  • Visually impactful signage creates an appetite for menu items and offers an opportunity to upsell, increasing restaurant revenue.

  • Intel® technologies support incredibly responsive, high-quality graphics and video, with extra capabilities for remote management.

  • Digital menu boards combined with predictive audience analytics can tailor relevant and appealing options for customers in real time.



The process of finding and ordering what you want can play a major role in customer satisfaction at restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and other retail and hospitality environments. In fact, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of restaurant guests say that an easy-to-read menu is their top priority for having a good experience.

With a digital menu board, guests can clearly see items, pricing, and nutrition information. Plus, the latest digital menu boards support UHD graphics and video to really make an impression. Digital menu boards are quickly replacing static menu boards. Beyond food and beverage offerings, they’re a great way to display money exchange rates, travel destinations, showtimes, local attractions, and much more.

One of the most exciting things about digital menu boards is that they can be used for much more than menus alone. At restaurants in particular, about one-third of guests report that digital menus influence their purchasing decisions, making them great for promotional content. With big, bold screens that grab and hold attention, you can showcase new items, a local supplier, a seasonal ingredient, or a limited-time offering. A digital restaurant menu board, for example, can share social media reviews or a behind-the-scenes chef profile. At a movie theater, a digital menu board can rotate through movie posters for upcoming films. A grocery store can feature weekly specials or cross-sell to other departments.

Types of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards (also called DMBs or electronic menu boards) are a type of digital signage solution driven by content management software. Many of these solutions are plug-and-play, making them easy to set up and manage. Menu updates, pricing, promotional offers, and other content can be pushed out instantly or customized to specific times or days of the week.

Digital menu board software and display types vary by solution. You’ll want to choose a solution based on your unique setup and usage scenarios. For example, a digital window display can highlight mouthwatering promotions that draw people inside, while rugged outdoor signage works well for a drive-through.

About one-third of restaurant guests report that digital menus influence their purchasing decisions.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards for restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and other businesses help them compete in a visual environment filled with distractions. Among the benefits of a digital menu are:

  • Higher sales. QSRs using digital menu boards report a 28 percent boost in overall sales. Eye-catching digital menus help you bring attention to new menu items, seasonal specials, or promotional offers. They also make your everyday menu items look amazing, enticing guests to add more items to their orders.
  • Real-time updates. Digital menus make it easy to quickly change content—no need to wait for printing, shipping, and installation. For networked digital menu boards, you can push updates to multiple locations within minutes. This helps ensure visual consistency and compliance with brand standards and regulations on nutritional information.
  • Low costs for promotions. Eliminate the costs of printed signage for menu item launches, promotions, and menu updates. Digital menus are also more environmentally responsible, since they avoid the waste created when printed signage is disposed.
  • Infotainment for guests. Digital menu boards can help keep your guests entertained with dynamic content and videos. These on-brand experiences can help cement guest loyalty.
  • Employee time savings. When employees don’t have to update menu boards, they can focus on providing excellent customer service. This can also translate into potential cost savings.

Intel® Technologies for Digital Menu Boards

For high-quality graphics, great responsiveness, and robust connectivity, businesses can look for digital menu board solutions that are built on Intel platforms. These technologies help create immersive experiences that connect with your guests.

Redefine Customer Experiences with Digital Signage

Every screen presents an opportunity to share your message, delight guests, and build brand loyalty. The latest digital signage solutions help you create experiences that engage and impress your customers, delivering the most relevant content at just the right time. It’s just one more way to cater to your customers and give them the great experiences they’re looking for.