Sibos 2018 Preview: Enabling the Digital Economy

This year’s Sibos event will take place in Sydney (October 22-25).

Key Takeaways

  • The annual Sibos conference celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and acts as a networking hub for the financial industry.

  • The main theme of Sibos 2018 is ‘enabling the digital economy’.

  • Intel’s Professor Genevieve Bell, a leading expert in the field of AI, will give the event’s closing keynote speech.



Next week, industry experts from the financial sector will gather in Sydney for the annual Sibos* (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar*) event. Organised by secure financial messaging services provider SWIFT*, the week-long event will bring together 8,000 business leaders for a series of talks, conferences, and networking events. What first started as a banking operations seminar in 1978 has grown into one of the biggest business forums for the global financial community. Intel will be appearing at Sibos for the 5th time, this year. The event provides a platform for Intel to address the top strategic challenges facing businesses and the c-suite today – and ensure that its efforts as a company are focused on these areas.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year in Australia, Sibos 2018 will feature a wide range of expert speakers from many of the world’s biggest banks, as well as representatives from the likes of Google*, Microsoft* and BAE*. Vice President and Intel Fellow, Professor Genevieve Bell will also be there, delivering the closing keynote and touching on how this transformative technology is already interacting with humans to evolve the financial industry.

“Digital transformation is disrupting the financial landscape at an accelerating pace and banking organisations must stay ahead of the curve to ensure that they maintain customer trust.”

The main theme of this year’s event is ‘enabling the digital economy’, focusing on how banks are evolving to support the changing business realities of their customers. This means migrating to a digital plus data foundation. The result is a holistic view of financial data, along with the opportunity to extract its value – demonstrated by new revenue streams and increased agility.

The event will explore the ways in which different banking institutions are innovating in order to keep pace with the new digital economy. Before helping customers to adapt to the new digital reality, banks must undergo a digital transformation themselves. This requires a complete change of mindset for the entire company to ensure that digital strategies are seamlessly adopted across every area of the business.

Only by adopting new technologies and practices can banks ensure that they are agile and adaptable enough to compete in the digital era. With a clear view of their data, banks can fully leverage the deep, rich assets at their disposal, and enjoy the competitive edge. Increasingly, this will involve banks working in partnership with FinTech and BigTech firms. An increasing level of collaboration will see FSI businesses, along with their clients and partners all learning from each other at an increasing pace.

Along with ‘enabling the digital economy’, trust, quantum computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also be among the key themes discussed at the event. Other topics will include everything from the rise of real-time payments and concerns over cybersecurity to unlocking the power of data and making use of emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain.

Sibos 2018 will come to an end on Thursday 25 October with Professor’s Bell bringing proceedings to a close. As well as being a Vice President and Senior Fellow at Intel, Bell is also a Distinguished Professor at the Australian National University (ANU) and the inaugural appointee to the ANU’s Florence Violet McKenzie Chair, which is named in honour of Australia's first female electrical engineer.

“Celebrating its 40th year in 2018, Sibos has become an important landmark in the FSI calendar, providing an ideal opportunity for experts to network and discuss the challenges facing the industry,” said Mike Blalock, General Manager for the Financial Services Industry at Intel. “The digital plus data transformation is reimagining how financial services providers leverage their assets and deliver new services to customers. We are partnering with the ecosystem to accelerate and enable this journey. From developing a robust platform for innovation through IT modernization, to delivering analytics and AI capabilities. We have an unparalleled array of products to support the transformation.”

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