How Intel Is Helping BlackCore to Power the High Frequency Trading Industry

BlackCore produces the fastest, most reliable liquid-cooled server systems in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • The High Frequency Trading (HFT) industry relies on powerful computers that run complex algorithms to carry out constant transactions.

  • This rapid processing and transfer of data requires powerful and highly reliable servers.

  • BlackCore supplies the HFT market with extremely reliable liquid-cooled systems, built on Intel technology, enabling them to win more trades and generate more income.



BlackCore is the best kept secret in the High Frequency Trading industry.

By Libby Plummer, Technology Writer

In the digital era, data is an incredibly valuable commodity and the ability to process ever-increasing amounts of it is essential for all kinds of businesses. The financial world is a prime example and a vital cog in this machine is the world of High Frequency Trading (HFT) where powerful computers carry out millions of automated transactions every single second. HFT is used by a number of financial organizations including investment banks and hedge funds where sophisticated algorithms continually scan financial markets.

The ability to run these algorithms just milliseconds ahead of the competition is vital for success. The HFT industry requires IT infrastructure that can support these complex algorithms and large numbers of transactions. One company leading the charge in this area is BlackCore Technologies*.

Established more than four years ago, BlackCore offers servers specifically designed for the HFT industry. BlackCore is a successful spin-off from parent company Exacta, which boasts 18 years of experience designing, configuring and building customized, branded appliances and servers for businesses of all sizes.

BlackCore produces the fastest, most reliable liquid-cooled systems in the market, which are individually tailored to each customer. The company has close working relationships with its financial trading clients and designs bespoke systems specifically tailored to their complex algorithms. The products' strong cooling capabilities enable the algorithms to offer more iterations in less time, enabling customers to win more trades and generate more income.

Built using Intel technology, the latest model from BlackCore sports the new Intel® Xeon® X chip. Engineering its products from the ground up has enabled BlackCore to reduce failure rates to just 3 per cent in a sector where they are notoriously high. The kind of system offered by BlackCore simply isn't available in typical off-the-shelf server packages.

"BlackCore is the best kept secret in the HFT industry," said Adam Whiting, Sales Specialist at Exacta. "Our systems are built specifically with High Frequency Trading in mind and our liquid cooling system enables us to reach the lowest temperatures and the highest overclocked speeds using Intel’s HEDT [High End Desktop] platforms. We're so confident in our products that we offer customers a free 30-day trial."

BlackCore's unique server systems are already used in 26 stock exchanges around the globe and the company counts numerous other financial organizations among its clients. One of those customers is Australia-based MEtech Global Consultant*, a leading provider of high-frequency trading consulting in the APAC region with more than 15 years' experience in the financial sector.

Using BlackCore's fast and reliable high speed servers, MEtech is able to help its financial trading customers to redesign and speed up their trading systems. This enables them to compete more effectively within the fast-paced financial market and maximize profits from every single transaction.

MEtech Global CTO Mike Yu explained the benefit of BlackCore to his company’s operations: “A High-Frequency Trading system relies on key fundamental components including the server, networking, software/hardware API, market data and algorithmic trading strategy." The server is the most important part of the trading system.

“MEtech Global provides BlackCore High-Frequency Trading systems to our financial trading customers because BlackCore not only provides the best performance and latency hardware but also offers cutting edge and innovative solutions which give our customers the very best opportunity to maximize their business profits.”

Powered by the latest Intel® technology, BlackCore's products offer strong performance, extensive customer support and extreme reliability. This makes them ideal for the dynamic world of High Frequency Trading while they could also be used for other applications such as the processing of real-time scientific data.

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