Industry 4.0

Intel programmable solutions for Industrial use cases enable you to lead innovation in Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, and Edge Compute. From automation in Manufacturing to Machine Vision, Robotics and Smart Energy infrastructure, Intel’s programmable solutions portfolio addresses basic control and connectivity as well as emerging Edge Compute applications. Solutions for Control, Connectivity, AI, Functional Safety, Security make it is easier for you to design systems that are smart, safe, secure, efficient, and reliable.

With Intel's innovative programmable solutions at the heart of your industrial designs, you are equipped to tackle the following key challenges:

  • Adapting quickly and cost effectively to evolving end markets and standards
  • Meeting and escalating performance requirements across product lines
  • Lowering system development and bill-of-materials cost through increased design integration



Intel connectivity solutions enable Industry 4.0 factories to be smart and autonomous. Intel provides ready-made solutions for Time-Sensitive Networking and Industrial Ethernet to accelerate Robotics, Manufacturing, and Power Grid applications.

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Functional Safety

Industrial automation and robotics with control systems that operate close to human require to be certified to functional safety standards, IEC 61508 or ISO 13849. Intel® FPGAs provide flexible and scalable solutions to allow you to architect your functionally safe design, with Intel approved development methodologies and tools.

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Deterministic Compute: Motor Control

Motor-driven systems account for more than two-thirds of industrial energy consumption, so their efficient operation is vital to the smart factory. See how FPGAs provide the deterministic compute required while enabling cost-savings in motors and drives, power assembly, computer numerical control (CNC), machine tools, and robotics.

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Deterministic Compute: Real Time Controllers

Today’s manufacturing automation environment of Industry 4.0 demands high-performance Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) enabled with secure enterprise connectivity and Human Machine Interface (HMI). See how Intel® FPGAs can meet these new challenges with grounds-up rethinking of PLC design.

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