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Lead your classroom on multi-monitor adventures with the premium performance of desktop computing. Choose from innovative desktops that include the expandable tower and the clutter-free All-in-One PC (AIO PC).

Why Choose Desktop PCs for Your Classroom?

Let the creative side of your classroom flourish with powerful desktop towers that can enrich collaboration in learning and teaching.

  • Cutting-edge performance supports multiple-monitor learning environments, enabling activities like graphic design, computer-aided drafting, or coding.
  • A power-efficient design makes it ideal for any learning location, such as classrooms, labs, libraries, and shared learning stations.
  • Hardware-enhanced security helps protect students and their data.

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Why Choose All-in-One PC (AIO PC) for Your Classroom?

All-in-One PC (AIO PC) offer the performance of a desktop PC without the need for a separate tower.

  • Clutter-free and portable, the space-saving designs of All-in-One PC (AIO PC) are ideal for even the smallest classroom spaces.
  • Multiple monitors can simplify any lesson, from reading comprehension and research to design work.

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Why Choose Intel® Mini PC for Your Classroom?

The powerful performance behind learning and teaching just got small. Save space while giving your students the power to do big work with the Intel® Mini PC.

  • Space-saving design makes Intel® Mini PC the right fit for small learning environments.
  • Portability makes it ideal for any learning location (classrooms, labs, libraries, and shared learning stations).
  • The Intel Unite® tool enables smarter meetings between educators.

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