Resources for Remote and Distance Learning

Discover remote learning with Intel and see how Intel is helping administrators, educators, and parents navigate the present realities of remote school and to find the future of virtual and hybrid learning.

How to Master Remote Learning

What happens when learning has to come home? How can we keep students on the path to success when all teaching happens online via a computer screen? COVID-19 has forced all schools to address the challenge of remote school, and Intel has solutions not only for making distance learning better in the here and now, but to put schools on a path to long-term success with tips and strategies for remote learning, resources for educators and parents, and help finding the technologies that can deliver the future of education.

Tips and Strategies for Remote Learning Success

Education has transformed. The move from in-class to anywhere learning is both a challenge and a golden opportunity. Once a school is remote learning enabled, it can evolve to an “anywhere learning” model, which gives teachers and students new avenues for success and access to new technology tools. This shift has to start with the needs of the students, which go beyond simple study at home curricula and lectures via online videoconferencing platforms.

Technology for Remote Learning

Educators are now technologists, and Intel is helping them find virtual classroom technologies that work and to make technology plans that deliver long term value.

Technology Platforms for Remote Learning

Intel is collaborating with leaders in education technology and speeding the development of virtual classroom solutions with ready-to-implement solutions that provide a verified and reliable foundation for transformative educational applications and systems.