Solution Performance

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  • Run more tasks in parallel at comparable cost and without impacting latency

  • Process more data in the same amount of time, delivering a better user experience



Hisign is one of the key biometric companies in China. They provide biometric authentication solutions for Foreign Affairs and Public Security. Hisign’s fingerprint verification service, MCH, is a cloud service – a fingerprint dataset is loaded into memory, compared to the target fingerprint sent by the clients and a correlation returned to the backend component of the system. The database is usually split into multiple data sets for multi-instance processing.

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Hisign application is memory intensive – expanding memory capacity to alleviate this bottleneck can often be cost-prohibitive.

Higher latencies can impact user experience and productivity.


  • With Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory (Memory Mode), more fingerprint datasets are stored in memory for a similar cost. Performance is improved due to being able to run more tasks in parallel, while maintaining the same latency SLA (see chart for performance improvement). 1
  • Higher memory bandwidth and larger memory capacity, compared to the older generation baseline, contributed to the performance.


Hisign fingerprint verification service customers will benefit from improved performance (i.e. being able to run more tasks in parallel at comparable cost, and without impacting latency). They can process more data in the same time, delivering a better user experience.