Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems refer to hardware that is commercially and publicly available for procurement. Many agencies depend on COTS as a technological foundation, which they combine with proprietary software for deeper customization or to enable unique capabilities. The ability to integrate COTS into cost-efficient solutions for the field, data center, or cloud while meeting certification, ruggedization, and SWaP-C requirements is a top priority for federal and aerospace customers.

Intel offers a vast, end-to-end portfolio of solutions built to leverage open source and COTS hardware/software. Solution providers benefit from exceptional performance and interoperability, along with select ruggedized SKUs that can withstand harsh environments, shock, and vibration. Intel also helps accelerate certification processes for airworthiness and DAL by providing evidence packages and processor artifacts and long-life product availability to help minimize recertification efforts.

Hardware-enabled security features include Intel® TME for enhanced memory encryption, Intel® TXT to help establish a root of trust at system start-up, and transparent supply chain tools to help ensure the authenticity of platforms for FMS. Intel also offers made-in-the-USA components to help satisfy agency requirements for key deployments.