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Modernizing Your IT infrastructure

Future Proof Technology

  • Handles the demands of modern operations and applications

  • Enables virtualization of your entire environment

  • Builds a more agile infrastructure for scaling out or up



Government agencies face a new reality: Legacy infrastructures that will no longer support the demands of the modern world. Serving citizens calls for a new IT strategy, one that can unlock silo’d applications and data pockets, remove network bottlenecks, scale to meet workload demands, and secure and manage the platform and high volumes of data IT transformation is now a requirement, not an option. Intel can help with technology that is optimized to transform traditional IT into a modern infrastructure that supports both the demands of today while readying for the future. Our platform technology is the foundation for building solutions for cloud, data management and analytics, and delivers the performance, efficiency, and security needed to drive innovation and deliver success.

Handling unprecedented, new data demands is virtually impossible when relying on legacy equipment, especially in disparate environments. Even worse, it’s easy to cave in to the temptation of a software refresh without a corresponding update to hardware, leaving vulnerabilities in countless endpoints. Government agencies desperately need robust, agile platforms that can handle intensive workloads without sacrificing security. Part of this equates to a move away from traditional data center models toward more evolved, comprehensive solutions. Infrastructure that consolidates servers, creates models for distributed virtualization, and supports both private and hybrid cloud solutions is essential, and serves as the path toward modern innovation.

Having proprietary solutions with isolated platforms hinders the process of transformation, often placing government stakeholders in the negative position they started in—more silos of applications and data. Intel®-based platforms provide the simplicity of a single foundation, enabling fluidity among workloads, the pooling of data and the option for partial or even complete virtualization of compute, network, and storage resources. The result is a more efficient and agile infrastructure.

Many government agencies set their priorities around sustainable economic growth, access to services, and improving citizen safety and privacy. Those goals hinge on a flexible, scalable, and secure infrastructure. The IT transformation journey can be daunting, but at Intel, we partner with you to ensure your success. Together with our broad ecosystem of partners, we have helped foster innovation in government, healthcare, education, and research—categorically leading to better outcomes. At Intel, we are building the future of IT and we will be your trusted, neutral advisor to ensure you have the IT infrastructure to make you successful today and in the future.