Map and Measure Pole and Tower Structures in Intel® Insight Platform





Note Pole structures are difficult to model as they’re thin and tall. Poll structures include power lines. When they’re made of reflective materials, they appear white in the images and few key points can be detected. 

There are two ways to map pole and tower structures:

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Images taken from above (nadir)

Images taken from above (nadir) require a high overlap (more than 90%).

A fisheye camera helps capture the images because of the wide field of view of the lens.

Note We don't recommend you take pictures with the camera at 0 degree straight forward view, as a lot of sky will be captured. We highly recommend that the camera always have a downward angle when capturing a vertical structure.
(Recommended) Images taken from the side (oblique)

We recommend you fly close to the structure. To take images from the side, choose one of the options below:

  • Turn several times around the structure while changing the altitude, following a spiral.
  • Make several circles around the structure at different altitudes.
  • Make several vertical lengths from the bottom to the top of the structure, at different positions around the object.

For both nadir and oblique methods:

  • You need sufficient overlap between images (at least 85% frontal and side overlap).
  • Your camera should have a 45 degree angle pointing to the ground. When you point the camera to the ground, less sky content appears on images. This makes images easier to match and provides a better model.

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