Recommended Camera Settings Using Intel® Insight Platform





Review these recommendations related to camera body, lens, and camera settings while using Intel® Insight Platform.

  • Use global shutter camera versus rolling shutter when possible.
  • Rolling shutter introduces errors (rolling shutter with global reset reduces the effect, but not completely).
  • Lower resolution cameras (thermal) require more overlap, while higher require slightly less.
  • If you are taking oblique and nadir images, there can be a maximum of 15 degree angle change between flight lines.
  • Avoid photos of the sky, remove photos with sky before uploading.
  • Always have a downward facing camera angle, unless horizon/sky is not visible (ex. side of a building looking forward, but not over the top).
  • If you have to collect data on different days, attempt to plan under same environmental conditions.
  • Use terrain following to maintain a better average GSD.