Huzaifa Rampurawala

Intel Labs / Engineer

Research Areas:

  • Architecture, Client SoC

  • Edge Computing, Encryption

  • Logic & Physical Design, Network & Communications Systems

  • Neuromorphic Computing, Quantum Computing

  • SoC & IP Architecture and Design



This is Huzaifa Rampurawala, and a few bytes of information about him. He joined Intel in 2005 as a micro-architect for Intel's first communication chipset. After taping out his first chip, Huzaifa moved to Intel Arizona in 2007 for more challenging roles and projects. He finally settled at Intel Labs to help scientists in different domains bring their research to life. Too detailed? Wait, there is more.

He received M.S. from Toledo University, in Ohio in 2002, and M.B.A from Pennsylvania State University in 2018. (Next software update will be sooner than 2034)