Hosein Nikopour

Intel Labs / Research Manager

Research Areas:

  • Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence(AI)

  • Autonomous Driving, Interconnect

  • Low Power, Machine Learning

  • Network & Communications Systems, Reinforcement Learning (RL)

  • Wireless Radio & Modem Technology



After two years of MIMO research at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada as a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Hosein Nikopour joined Nortel Networks, Ontario, Canada in 2006. He was involved in WiMAX physical layer design as well as IEEE 16m and LTE standardization. In 2009, he joined Huawei Canada where he delivered wireless solutions for LTE and 5G cellular standards. He is the inventor of Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA) for massive machine type communications. Dr. Nikopour joined Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA in July 2015 as a Research Scientist. Since then he has been involved in pioneering wireless projects for higher frequency bands. Hosein manages a wireless research team in WCR/IL. His current projects are the development of intelligent wireless networks. He is inventor of more than 70 patents.