Storage Solutions Designed for Unique Needs

The Small Business Owner’s Storage Challenge

Small and medium businesses need to store a lot of data. The data is a mix of video, photos, orders, receipts, Inventory, reports, articles, links to web pages, and sometimes even security footage. Many small businesses are turning to cloud storage as a way to handle their storage needs. Cloud storage can improve small business owners' capability to access, share, and protect their company's data, particularly when they have a limited capacity—or desire—to manage on-site technology resources. To be sure, moving data to the cloud brings its own set of concerns, ranging from security (vulnerability to breaches) to availability, but the cost and convenience benefits of cloud storage are such that an increasing number of small businesses are taking the plunge.

Whether you choose cloud storage powered by Intel storage solutions or implement your own Intel storage solution architecture, our technologies will simplify your digital life and access to important data anytime, anywhere and on any device.