EHCI Compliance Testing Program

NOTE: With the inception of the enhanced host controller interface (EHCI) self-testing program, Intel has discontinued in-house EHCI compliance testing.

The EHCI compliance testing measures an EHCI controller implementation for conformance to the EHCI specification. The EHCI compliance testing evaluates the EHCI controller function of a USB 2.0 host controller. It does not evaluate the functionality of the USB companion controllers.

There are three suggested components to EHCI compliance testing:

  1. The controller is expected to pass the USB Implementers' Forum (USB-IF) compliance testing for hosts and systems. This is primarily evaluation of the state of the USB2 electricals. Manufacturers can contact one of the independent test labs for completion of this testing. A host controller implementation that passes this testing gets certified by the USB-IF.
  2. The controller is expected to correctly operate as the host controller for a run of the USB-IF transaction translator logo tests (USBHTT). These tests augment the split transaction and boundary condition testing of the EHCI test suite. USBHTT is available on the website.
  3. The controller is expected to pass all of the tests in the EHCI for USB compliance test suite (EHCI CTS). This is a suite of tests that specifically evaluate the functionality of the EHCI controller. The test suite is an implementation of the EHCI test specification which is included as part of the EHCI CTS download.

The EHCI CTS is provided by Intel free of charge as a convenience to the industry in support of a high-quality USB 2.0. The process for completing the EHCI compliance tests are enumerated in detail in the documentation included with the EHCI CTS software.

Download the EHCI CTS here ›