The PC Is More Personal

By Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Client Computing Group, Intel


  • After fifty years of personal computing, Intel is paving the way for a new era: purposeful computing. This new standard is all about delivering people the technology they need to go great things.

  • Intel is approaching everything through the lens of helping people do what matters most, from the technologies we deliver, to the partners we choose and the experiences we create for people globally.

  • Together with Intel’s 150+ ecosystem partners, we’re building on the success of the Intel® Evo™ platform to create a new level of mobile computing experiences.



Fifty years ago, Intel launched the Intel 4004, the first commercial microprocessor, jumpstarting what would a few years later become the personal computing, or PC, revolution. Fast forward to today, and the PC ecosystem is experiencing an impressive resurgence. As we shared during our recent earnings call, 2021 is shaping up to be the largest in the PC market—ever.

In a world where the digitization of everything has been markedly accelerated by the pandemic, we’ve all experienced firsthand new models of working and dramatic shifts in how we learn, interact and care for each other. Technology is increasingly central to every aspect of human existence and now, more than ever, the criticality of the PC is clear. From teaching or learning from the living room, running businesses from the kitchen table or reimagining how to perform in front of thousands from a makeshift home studio, so many of us have turned to our PCs to stay connected to the people and things we care most about over the past year.

As we recover from the pandemic, the PC, too, must continue to evolve. It must fuel our economic mobility, be a catalyst for our most brilliant solutions and an instrument of access, equity, and opportunity. For example, on a global basis, the number of PCs per one hundred students and teachers remains in the single digits.* We have a long way to go.

Computing is no longer just personal. It must be--purposeful.

Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Client Computing Group, Intel

As the leader of the Client Computing Group at Intel, what matters most to me is equipping people with the tools and belief in their ability to do great things. Nothing inspires me more than working alongside an extraordinarily talented team and our partners and customers to create products that enable the doers, dreamers and innovators to make their greatest contributions, do the things that matter most to them and impact their communities.

We must approach every aspect of creating a PC with that clarity of purpose – from the innovations we deliver, to the partners we choose and the experiences we create. Building on the great work we’ve done with Intel® Evo™ and our 150+ ecosystem partners to create an entirely new level of mobile computing experiences, we will implement a purpose driven approach with some of our premier partners as we pave a new path, and new standard for computing.

It is an exciting time in computing and at Intel, with the best days ahead of us.

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