Design Registration

Clicking either of those buttons will bring the partner to the New Design Registration page. There are three different sections that the partner will need to fill out:

  • Project Information & Status
  • End Customer Information
  • Opportunity Information
  1. The Product Group field determines which group the Design Registration is routed to.
  2. The Partner FAE is your technical owner, responsible for supporting the end customer’s design.
  3. The Partner FSR is an optional field for your Field Sales Representative, if applicable.
  4. The Design Solution Network is an optional indicator. Click this to indicate the Design Registration is for a DSN Partner (FPGA/Power Only).
  5. The Military, Intelligence, Nuclear/biochemical, Defense, or Space (MINDS) use? is a mandatory field. Select the response that indicates how Intel items are used in this Design Registration opportunity.
  6. The Vertical Market field indicates the end market where the product will be used.
  7. The Intel Platform field identifies the Intel® Platform that is being sold on the Opportunity.
  8. The Product Segment field identifies Intel’s categorization of the product segment for the design. The Product Application field may become required, dependent upon your Product Segment selection.
  9. The FPGA Quote Comments field is optional but is intended to be used to provide additional detail, such as contract manufacturer, link to letter of authorization, etc. for quoting purposes. NOTE: When the Opportunity is generated, this field and the Descriptions field are combined into the Opportunity Description field.
  10. Click Save once all fields have been filled out. If you would like to save and create a new Design Registration header, click Save & New.

ImportantAll fields with red bars are required.