Propelling Intel's Growth

The 2021-2022 Intel IT Annual Performance Report - the 20th edition of the APR:

Intel has long been at the forefront of radical innovations that have revolutionized the way we live and work – beginning with the development of the first microprocessor, transforming the world as we knew it by making a new era of computing possible. Since then, Intel has continued to transform industries, driving business and society forward by creating the underlying technology powering the digitization of everything.

2021 marked another notably transformative year at Intel as we embarked on a new vision and direction for the company that will plant us firmly at the forefront of the digital revolution for years to come.

As Intel embraces a bold new strategy to transform beyond a PC-centric company, to one that addresses the needs of the new data-centric world, significant investments are being made to accelerate innovation, expand our manufacturing capacity and build our foundry business to meet the growing demand for semiconductors globally.

IT has a critical role to play in delivering on our growth strategy, helping our customers transform their businesses and defining the future of work. Through tight partnership with our business leaders, we have prioritized three key transformation areas which will deliver the greatest value and impact for Intel:

  • Accelerating Intel’s product innovations to market.
  • Enabling customer scale through intelligent operations and exceptional partner, developer and seller experiences.
  • Sharpening our business planning and execution that better align our capabilities to support demand.

This transformation is about changing our culture, enabling our people, modernizing our technology and driving greater accountability. Through strong alignment with our business partners, we will rethink traditional business processes and leverage best-in-class technology solutions to drive significant value realization for Intel and our customers. Additionally, we are continuing to deliver the next generation of Intel’s security posture, driving stable and efficient operations, creating engaging and productive experiences for customers and employees, and building a diverse workforce with rewarding and challenging career paths.

By delivering leading-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), edge-to-cloud computing, and unleashing the power of data, we are accelerating our product innovations as we build new fabs, expand our manufacturing capabilities and modernize our solutions. We are achieving a deeper understanding of our customers to deliver exceptional experiences and supercharge Intel’s growth through automated intelligence. We are also unleashing the power of our workforce with new services such as AI Everywhere, enabling teams to better utilize AI technology to solve high-value business problems and scale where it matters most for Intel. Our IT organization is readying the next generation of breakthrough technologies that will power new innovations and help our customers capitalize on the fastest-growing opportunities.

Achieving all of this requires the best talent on the planet. Our efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workforce are never complete and we continue to set ambitious goals that establish us as leaders in the industry.

As we set the course for a new era of innovation and product leadership, we will continue delivering world-class technology and solutions that support Intel’s employees and our robust ecosystem of customers and partners around the globe.