Intel® Processor Support for Microsoft Windows*1 10 IoT Enterprise and Microsoft Windows*1 Server for IoT Applications

Key Takeaways:

  • This is the Operating System (OS) list that is tested internally at Intel and does not reflect the OS vendor support for these exact release versions.

  • Intel only provides support for our tools, patches, drivers and utilities on the OS. Actual OS support will be provided by the OS Vendor.

  • Microsoft Windows*1 10 IoT Enterprise versions 1507, 1607 and 1809 are also known as Threshold 1, Redstone 1 and Redstone 5 respectively.

  • End of Servicing Updates (ESU)2 To provide a clear distinction between Servicing updates and other support mechanisms, the End of Servicing Updates term replaces the End of Support term used in previous notifications. ESU is the date at which Intel will no longer provide Servicing, such as through IPU or other similar update processes. ESU dates will typically be aligned to end of quarter. Software components will be available for download for two quarters after ESU. Contact your Intel representative for more information.3



The list below encompasses processor platforms that are supported for Microsoft Windows*1 10 IoT Enterprise and Microsoft Windows*1 Server releases for IoT applications. Not all processor SKUs belonging to individual platforms are covered by the list shown below. Please contact your Intel Field Support representative for further detail on specific processor SKUs that are covered or if the code name for your processor is not listed in the table below.




2Unless specified, ESU date is aligned with the end of the quarter.
3All product plans and roadmaps are subject to change without notice.