Your Manufacturing Operation Is Talking. Are You Paying Attention?

Welding, machining, assembly, logistics—every step in industrial production creates valuable information and an opportunity to improve your factory operations.

The Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial software package runs on Docker, an open source, microservices architecture that separates infrastructure from applications so you can develop faster.

Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial comes as a prevalidated, ready-to-deploy software reference design for video and time series data ingestion. It includes AI analysis and can publish to local applications or the cloud. Since it’s built on Docker, it’s simple to modify and customize for your applications.

"We can quickly fulfill needs from customers in public infrastructure and industrial systems thanks to the agility provided by Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial. As a result, we believe we can help industries accelerate digital transformation.”

Dr. Naohiko Irie

General Manager of Control and Service Platform System Division, Hitachi

Unpacking the Platform

We designed Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial to be easy for you to adapt, extend, and scale. Intel-provided middleware handles sensor integration, time series, video capture, and AI inference. You simply build up from there.

Real-World Success1

The Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial reference design software package is in the field and helping manufacturers across industries improve quality, work smarter, and extract insight from their processes.

Ready to Build? Download and Get Started Free

Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial software is free to license. It comes with ready-to-use containerized pipelines for time series and video workloads plus the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

We also give you reference applications, hardware recommendations, and access to Intel® DevCloud for the Edge. This online sandbox includes the latest release of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and clusters of physical Intel® hardware. You can use it to develop, test, and compare performance before you buy.



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