Vensi and Intel's Bluetooth IoT Solution

Vensi and Intel's bluetooth IoT solution helps companies create smart and connected products that collect data, automate maintenance, and receive alerts.

Many industrial companies use hundreds of instruments and devices that collect data to help control processes, such as temperature and pressure gauges, ambient lighting controls, and flow meters. Yet companies looking to go further and transition to automating processes such as inventory tracking and machine maintenance for greater efficiency and lower costs have struggled with making that transition. The desired outcome is often to gain useful business insights that drive decision-making. For a complete end-to-end system targeted for enterprise applications, it is often useful to have scalable, secure, and manageable systems deployed.

Bluetooth® has paved the way for companies transitioning their devices, connecting easily with mobile technology. Bluetooth has gained significant market share with low-energy support and the recent release of Bluetooth 5.0. Plus, support for mesh and long-range connectivity further enables multiple use cases from a wide range of Bluetooth devices, from weighing scales to light bulbs.

Vensi and Intel offer a solution to companies seeking to harness and use all that data with Vensi* and Intel® IoT Gateway Technology. Whether their focus is on home and building automation, industrial manufacturing, HVAC systems, lighting, or retail, companies can now bring more intelligence to day-to-day operations.