Zones Accelerates Insights and Gains Time Savings

The Intel Unite® solution transforms conference rooms to streamline and simplify meetings.

At a Glance:

  • Zones is a global IT solution provider that delivers products and services to help companies complete their digital transformation.

  • Working with Intel, Zones standardized on the Intel Unite® solution for all of its corporate conference rooms.



The Challenge

Zones is a global IT solution provider that delivers products and services to help companies complete their digital transformation. The company’s expertise spans workplace modernization, network optimization, data center transformation, and security fortification. Headquartered in Auburn, Washington, Zones operates in more than 80 countries.

In recent years, Zones realized its offices faced an all-too-common technology challenge: Its conference rooms relied on an ad hoc array of tools and technologies. Trying to get the mix of solutions to work together routinely compromised meeting effectiveness and efficiency, costing teams valuable time in setup and troubleshooting.

Due to the persistent compatibility obstacles and continuous connectivity issues, the Zones IT team concluded that it needed to standardize on a single meeting room technology solution that would simplify, expedite, and untether Zones’ meeting processes and practices.

Zones had previously worked with Intel to install Intel Unite® solution technology within Intel’s own corporate meeting spaces. It had also supported the product, once implemented, across the company, operating as the de facto help desk while building a conference-room-as-a-service implementation strategy.

Given its own challenges, Zones decided to incorporate the same approach and solution in its own corporate conference rooms as it had in Intel’s.

The standardization, the simplicity, and the cost management of implementing the Intel Unite solution was dramatically important on the ROI and cost savings we experienced.” —Travis Shipley, Zones vice president of sales

The Solution

As a first step, Zones conducted a conference room makeover contest. Entrants were asked to send in a picture of their dream conference room and share how it would impact the business. That effort led to Zones discontinuing use of its legacy conferencing systems, standardizing instead on the Intel Unite solution for all its corporate conference rooms.

The Intel Unite solution is a content-sharing software application optimized for an Intel® Core™ vPro® processor-based hub, which makes meeting rooms remotely manageable and more secure. As providers of Intel Unite solution technology, Zones used the installation as an opportunity to design and implement its vision of the conference room of the future to explore use cases and opportunities it could then share with its own customers across industries, from healthcare to education.

The Intel Unite solution equipped Zones to build and manage a secure content-sharing and collaboration platform. The company understood that using the tool would permit its productivity-minded employees to wirelessly connect displays, fellow employees, and mixed-technology environments. This would, in turn, empower staff to share and collaborate seamlessly wherever they are with just a single code.

As part of the transition, Intel conducted extensive training with Zones staff to drive awareness of Intel Unite solution technology and educate new users on how to use and derive value from the solution. Intel also organized Intel Unite solution technology events and team sales enablement sessions to prep team members to introduce their customers to the innovative content sharing and collaboration tool.

The Intel Unite solution proved the right fit not only for Zones but for many of the industries it serves as well.

The Results

The Intel Unite solution was widely adopted across Zones and its sellers. As the solution is not locked down with any specific operating system, Zones was able to employ it with all of its existing devices—saving users time and expense during meeting setup while benefiting IT teams through reduced service calls and maintenance demands.

Due to its compatibility with existing systems as well as its simplicity, performance, and security, the Intel Unite solution has meant break-fix and help-desk tickets are fewer in number, more quickly resolved, and less costly. By simplifying and expediting meeting start-up processes, Zones was able to reclaim wasted time spent on troubleshooting, saving 36,000 employee work hours in the first year.1

The benefits have been especially notable in the healthcare and education environments. Zones organized the conference-room-in-a-box solution around small, medium, and large deployments to better fit the customers’ sizes and needs. This has made implementation more efficient, effective, and economical for customers.

Zones’ education customers have been pleased to find that the platform integrates well with Chrome systems, which are familiar solutions in academic settings. Flexibility has been another expressed benefit of implementing the Intel Unite solution in the classroom. Being able to lock down screens and annotate on the fly, while also allowing all students to join instantly via a code, has enabled faculty to better engage and communicate with the class.

Healthcare users have similarly welcomed the simplicity, quick connectivity, and mobility. The ability to move from room to room and quickly sync the patient data on their tablet with the information displayed on the screen in a given room is making for better patient engagement and improved collaboration with colleagues. In many cases, due to the setup of the previous solution in the room, clinicians were forced to communicate with patients with their backs to them. With the Intel Unite® solution, doctor-patient conversations can be conducted face to face.

Finally, the experience acquired working closely with Intel on deployment of the Intel Unite solution in Intel’s conference rooms as well as in its own buildings has equipped the Zones team with unmatched product knowledge and expertise. This critical background continues to help Zones’ customers more quickly and effectively unlock the many communication and collaboration benefits offered by the technology.

The Technology

The Intel Unite solution is a fast, simple, cost-efficient way to deliver a more secure, manageable, high-quality collaboration experience. Through either the on-premises or cloud option, the solution works with existing technologies and provides controlled content sharing.

Easy to learn and use, it is an open platform that supports a range of devices and operating systems for flexibility in implementation. These include mini PCs and all-in-ones (AIOs) or an Open Pluggable Specification-based platform. The solution also supports many business plugins to extend the meeting experience, including unified communications, light and temperature controls, and digital whiteboarding.

At the same time, Intel® security and encryption technologies help ensure that the content and file sharing taking place through the Intel Unite solution only occurs between approved meeting participants and that meeting data is protected. Additionally, the solution offers telemetry and remote manageability for IT and facilities managers.

The Intel Unite solution combines wireless content sharing software with an enabled Intel Unite solution hub computer. The on-premises solution is built around the Intel Unite solution hub with Intel Core vPro processor, a managed PIN service, and the Intel Unite® solution app to support local, remote, and guest attendees on PCs, phones, and tablets. The Intel Unite® solution Cloud Service option connects directly to the Intel Unite solution hub PC and supports the Intel Unite solution client app.

As an on-premises or cloud-based tool, the Intel Unite solution delivers the performance, remote manageability, and advanced security that organizations need to turn meeting rooms into intelligent collaboration spaces.

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1Based on the assumptions of average time saved/meeting, average # of employees/room, and 100 Intel Unite solutions installed, 35,000 hours saved was determined (7 min time saved * 5 employees/mtg * 62,400 ((12 mtgs per room/week*100* 52 wks)) / 60 minutes = 36,400 work hours saved).