BMW: Conference Solution Boosts Communication

Intel Unite® solution helps BMW Group build a more efficient wireless conference collaboration solution.

At a Glance:

  • BMW Group is enhancing collaboration and raising requirements to ensure efficient day-to-day meetings.

  • In response to issues such as cable connection, display port or adapter compatibility, and long preparation time, BMW Group introduced the Intel Unite® solution, which has been deployed in over 200 meeting rooms in China.



There is an increasing need for collaboration in modern enterprises. However, problems in equipment connection, configuration, and maintenance in traditional conference rooms are causing a bottleneck, preventing effective communication and collaboration. To solve this issue, BMW Group partnered with Intel to build a new unified wireless conference system based on the Intel Unite® solution. The system frees meeting participants from worrying about cable connections, complicated applications, and driver installations, reducing the need for IT support, and lowering the system’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A year later, BMW Group has deployed the solution in over 200 meeting rooms in China and has received great feedback.

Conference Efficiency Ensures Enterprise Competitiveness

As a globally renowned automotive brand, consumers love BMW Group for its world-class driving experience, reliable safety, and cutting-edge technology. To provide more valuable services for Chinese customers, there is a need for greater collaboration efficiency. Thus, BMW Group is enhancing its innovation in communication and sharing across various sectors and raising requirements to ensure efficient day-to-day meetings.

In the past, during meetings and sharing sessions, participants often encountered cable connection and display port or adapter compatibility issues. As a result, there could easily be a loss of 20 minutes preparing for each meeting, significantly lowering meeting efficiency and impacting participants’ experiences. Thus, BMW Group was looking for a new conference solution that could effectively improve communication and sharing efficiency, and identified the following features for the new solution:

  • Easy to access and use: The installation and upgrade of the application or driver should be easy and convenient; participants should be able to connect wirelessly with the LCD screen and projection equipment in the meeting room with just one click, without complicated configuration or cable connection.
  • More secure sharing: After entering the conference, the content communicated and shared by employees should be better secured and protected, without any risk of information leakage.
  • Effective technical support: Solution deployment and operation should have full technical support.

The efficient and smooth conference experience has helped us improve communication and sharing efficiency both internally and externally and has ensured that our company remains competitive. The Intel Unite solution offers a consistent, smooth, and secure conference experience, and provides extensive support for more intelligent services. It helps us to enhance conference efficiency and enrich the user experience. Thus, our employees have welcomed it happily.”—IT Infrastructure BMW Group

BMW Group Conferences Benefit from Intel Unite Solution

  • Open platform: The Intel Unite solution is being used in conjunction with BMW Group’s equipment and solutions in 200+ meeting rooms in China and supports on-demand addition of tools and functions.
  • Seamless user experience: Conferences start faster, taking just a few seconds instead of 10-20 minutes. During a conference, participants can join, share, and switch presenters, all with just a single click. Up to four participants can simultaneously share content to the same room display.
  • More security: The Intel Unite solution provides more security for key information, with shared content fully encrypted through a TLS protocol. A configurable, rotating PIN code helps prevent unauthorized access to sessions.
  • Easy to manage and lower cost: The Intel Unite solution works with multiple hardware enhancements and management capabilities for easier operation, maintenance, and management by the IT department; wireless connection reduces the need for cables, so could potentially lower the total cost of ownership.

Intel Unite Solution – A Smart Choice for Corporate Collaboration

The Intel Unite solution is a robust enterprise collaboration tool. It facilitates the easy creation and management of a more secure content-sharing and collaboration platform for BMW Group and can be conveniently deployed in meeting rooms of different sizes. The solution connects equipment wirelessly, facilitating seamless sharing and collaboration by employees, no matter where they are.

The architecture of the Intel Unite solution deployed by BMW Group in China is shown in Figure 1. It consists of three modules: the Intel Unite® Enterprise server, which facilitates unified PIN code and equipment management of all meeting rooms involved; the Hub, a mini PC based running Windows; and display devices, such as projectors, LCD displays, and electronic whiteboards, which are essential for content sharing, with each device supporting simultaneous content sharing by up to four users. In some large conference rooms, microphones, cameras, controllable lighting, and acoustic equipment can also be conveniently integrated using this solution.

Based on this solution, participants are only required to install the Intel Unite® app on their laptops or tablets in advance. The app can be pre-installed by the IT department via silent push installation, or by participants themselves after receiving installation notifications from the IT department.

Participants can join the meeting by entering a PIN code that appears on the room’s display and immediately share their content to the display equipment. In this way, they’re free from port or driver compatibility, and annoying cable connection issues. This solution can also reduce the preparation time from tens of minutes to a few seconds, and the near-seamless switch between speakers facilitates simultaneous sharing, making the meeting more interactive and diverse.

The Intel Unite solution provides more security for key information, with shared content fully encrypted through a TLS protocol. A configurable, rotating PIN code effectively helps prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that the meeting stays private.

Now, thanks to Intel Unite solution’s open, convenient, and wireless configuration and management capabilities, the IT department is free from on-site inspections, and can solve most issues remotely, greatly reducing the need for operation and maintenance support. At the same time, the unified wireless connection reduces the need for cables, potentially lowering the total cost of ownership.

With its extensive expertise in Intel Unite solution deployment, Intel also provides BMW Group with comprehensive service support, including preliminary technical consultation, solution planning and deployment guidance, as well as problem-solving and system optimization during operation. Over the past year, BMW Group has deployed the Intel Unite solution in over 200 meeting rooms in China, greatly enhancing meeting efficiency. Departments with more communication and sharing requirements are seeking to increase the Intel Unite solution deployments in more collaboration spaces to further enhance work efficiency. According to preliminary statistics, in China, over 90% of BMW Group employees’ devices have the Intel Unite app installed, making it an indispensable part of BMW Group’s day-to-day work.

Looking to the Future

In the future, BMW Group will work more closely with Intel and introduce more new capabilities in Intel Unite solution-equipped meeting rooms. For example, the IT department is currently integrating the Intel Unite solution and the meeting room booking function for a more seamless experience. It is also trying to connect the Intel Unite solution with other information systems in the company to further boost collaboration, such as connecting the internal messaging system to broadcast audio files, videos, images, and other promotional content to the Intel Unite® displays as digital signage. Intel will continue to provide BMW Group with more technologies and services to further enhance its collaboration and operational efficiency.

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