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Easily Customize Your Collaboration Spaces with the Intel Unite® Solution



Even before the significant rise in remote and hybrid work arrangements, the configuration of meeting and conference rooms for an enterprise’s entire workforce, or even specific teams, has often posed challenges. Often, a plethora of wires and cables, dedicated software, specialized hardware, and more has been required to make sure that meeting organizers, presenters, and participants have access to the communication and collaboration tools they need.

The Intel Unite® solution is an open collaboration platform that reduces technological frustrations and time spent setting up rooms for any kind of presentation or team collaboration. The solution is designed for ease of use, as it’s device agnostic and participants’ devices don’t require any cables, adapters, or dongles to connect.

If the Intel Unite app is already installed on their device, all meeting participants need to do once they’re in the meeting room is simply launch the app and enter the six-digit PIN to connect or, with Ultrasonic Join, connect automatically.

Use the Tools You Want

The norm thus far for using a collaboration solution in a meeting or presentation has meant installing different types of tools and connecting a variety of devices, which isn’t a very streamlined solution—nor does it allow for changes on the fly. Whether you’re prepping for a presentation or going into a team meeting, you often have to decide whether to use a personal laptop or phone and whether you need to get on a computer that acts as the room’s control hub. You may need to bring the right connecting cables with you. If you have specific apps or devices of your own that you want to use to share content, can you do it easily—or at all?

By eliminating the need for a computer that remains in the room to act as a dedicated collaboration tool control center, the Intel Unite solution allows for far more flexible spaces and also fewer shared surfaces, which helps reduce the transmission of infectious or allergenic particles.

What if you decide, while the meeting is in progress, that you’d like to add digital whiteboarding via a touchscreen in the room? You can add it effortlessly. Is the current room the wrong size for your audience? You can quickly move to a new one that’s equipped with an Intel Unite solution hub. Need to add presenters at the last minute? The Intel Unite solution easily allows for anyone in the session to be a presenter, and each session can support as many as 12 simultaneous presenters.

A Scalable and Customizable Solution

The Intel Unite solution doesn’t just help session participants be more productive, more mobile, and more engaged using common tools like Zoom, Teams, touchscreens, cameras, and the like—it also provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize solution for organizations of any size.

Because of its open architecture, the Intel Unite solution is highly flexible, adaptable, and customizable. Using the publicly available SDK, developers can create apps that expand the software’s capabilities to address their organization’s specific needs.

The SDK has led to such room configuration enhancements as the ability for sensors to detect someone entering a space and activating lighting automatically, as well as automatically dimming the lights when a presenter begins speaking. You can also use the SDK to create an app that configures existing custom or specialized software your company uses to work with the Intel Unite solution.

The Intel Unite solution also was designed to fit the varied collaboration needs of an organization and work in a wide range of collaboration settings. Features such as single-point manageability and integration with active directory make it easy to expand from one room to thousands, so you can start small and phase in the Intel Unite solution as your needs and budget require.

With a consistent user interface, the Intel Unite solution is easy to learn and use, making the job of configuring rooms simpler and faster. No one needs to read the instructions for every different kind of technology or every different user experience they want to employ. People can simply walk into a meeting with any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or mobile device running on any operating system, including Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux, and instantly open the Intel Unite application.

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use collaboration solution that offers numerous ways to customize your meeting rooms, the Intel Unite solution could be the application your business needs.

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