PRODUCT BRIEF Intel® Ready Mode Technology

Sync Apps to PC with Intel® Ready Mode Technology

With Intel® Ready Mode Technology (Intel® RMT), your PC can deliver you the latest updates so you don't have to worry about missing out. Intel RMT provides an alternative to the traditional PC sleep state—it appears off, consumes low power, and is active—similar to your smart phone and tablet. Your PC will receive incoming e-mails, IMs, real-time news and sports updates, social media posts, and weather alerts—all while minimizing power consumption when it isn’t actively being used.

How does Intel Ready Mode Technology work?
In Intel RMT mode, the PC is a quiet, low power, display off, and active. Intel Ready Mode Technology-equipped PCs utilize 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processor-based advanced power management features and advances in motherboard and peripheral idle power consumption.

Ready to share
Intel Ready Mode Technology enables access to your PC even when you’re away from your desk. Simply connect to your Intel Ready Mode Technology-equipped PC through apps on your phone and tablet and you’ll be able to:

• Automatically sync and store your photos when you walk in your home
• Stay connected with friends and family—don’t miss an incoming video call

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