Intel 5G Vision: Accelerating Business

5G isn’t just a product. It comprises the things that enable a fully connected, mobile, and intelligent society by taking the world of compute and combining it with the world of communications. In doing so, it unleashes opportunities for businesses to offer new products and services—from edge to cloud. Intel powers the cloud, the data center, and is leading network transformation—revolutionizing the transition from a fixed function to a virtual function in order to scale networks. We’re taking the fabric used to power the cloud to enterprises, communications service providers, and taking the 5G revolution from cloud to network to edge. To realize the advantages of 5G and edge computing, enterprises will need to operate more like real-times systems, having networks that are more reliable, and access to data that can inform customization. That means the centralized data that was in the cloud needs to be close to the premise, or the edge. Edge networks provide important analytic capability and the ability to generate real-time insights. 5G provides the plumbing and AI provides the algorithms that make sense for a particular business. Intel’s 5G solutions include scalable processors for powerful compute, FPGAs for flexibility and programmability, eASIC solutions for specific use cases, accelerators, software tool chains, and open standards. Intel works with enterprises to build solutions with partners and communications services providers that are enabling the network transformation we’re seeing today.