Data Collection Guide for Intel® Insight Platform





A dataset of insufficient quality will lead to poor results or may even lead to processing failure. This requires taking a new dataset on the field.

The dataset (for example images with geolocation and optional but recommended Ground Control Points (GCPs) information) have to be obtained on the field before using the Intel® Insight Platform. A good dataset is required to automatically produce results with high quality and accuracy.

To gather a good dataset, follow the recommended steps below:

1. Design the Image Acquisition Plan.  It's important to design a good image acquisition plan with the following considerations:

  • Type of project (aerial, terrestrial, mixed)
  • Type of terrain/object
  • Type of camera
  • Purpose of the project
  • Image rate that the images are taken
  • Distance (flight height) at which the images are taken and with which angle to take the images
  • Path(s) to follow to take the images

For aerial projects, this also implies:

  • Select corridor path or regular grid and/or circular grid.
  • Decide whether terrestrial images will be used.
  • If several flights are needed to cover the full area, design the area to cover with each flight.

2. Configure the Camera Settings.  The camera settings used to acquire the images need to be configured. Wrong configuration can result in images with blur, noise, distortions, and so forth.

3. Georeferencing the images using a camera with built-in GPS.

4. Get GCPs on the field or through other sources (optional but recommended). Using GCPs requires planning how many GCPs have to be acquired, and where and how they have to be measured.

Things to Consider as you Plan


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