How to Add a New Project to Intel® Insight Platform





Follow these steps to add a new project to your Intel® Insight Platform.

  1. Login into the Intel® Insight Platform and select New Project from the Main Menu.

    Login into the Intel® Insight Platform

  2. Choose your desired option. Select create from images or choose from reference file (reference files include KML, geojson, topojson, json, and zip files).

    Choose your desired option

  3. From the next screen, choose images to upload for processing or for storage. Then, click Next.

    Choose images to upload for processing or for storage

  4. Choose images from your local directory or browse files for uploading. You need at least five images to create a project.

    Choose images

  5. Once you select the images to upload, you have two options for processing images. You can select the entire dataset, or use the mouse to edit selected images. Then, click Next.


    Process images

  6. Select New Project. Enter your project name, and choose your processing options.
    • For processing options choose from the following:
      • Tools: Bentley, Pix4D
      • Settings: High Quality, High Speed, Or Custom
    • Add Ground Control Points if required, by uploading a CSV file.

    Add Ground Control Points

  7. Click Next.
  8. Once you see the Upload Launched screen, select Finish.

    Click Finish

  9. Once the image dataset is uploaded, your project is added to the Project Menu.
Note If you store your dataset for future use, processing options are no longer available.