Frequently Asked Questions about Project Creation in Intel® Insight Platform





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Project Creation/Deletion

How do I add a project to Intel® Insight Platform?

See these steps to Add a New Project.

How do I delete a project from Insight Platform?

To delete a project, follow these steps:

  1. From the Project Creation Menu select the project you want to delete. Next, click the menu (three dots) in the right corner.
  2. Click Delete the project . Then, click Yes from the confirmation pop-up window.

Adding to Project

How many images can I add per project?

While there is no hard limit in the Intel Insight Platform, Intel recommends the following specifications per project. Otherwise, a project may not upload or process completely.

  • Up to about 5,000 images.
  • Upload images taken with up to a 42 Megapixel camera.
  • Up to 35 Gigapixels dataset when using the Bentley* engine.
Can I add a dataset to an existing project?

Yes. See How do I add a project to Intel® Insight Platform for steps to add a dataset to an existing project.

What types of files/photos can I upload in Insight Platform to create a new project?

You can upload the following type of files/photos to create a new project:

  • KML
  • GeoJSON
  • TopoJSON
  • JSON
  • Zip
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
Can I process ungeotagged images in Insight Platform?

No. Currently, images that need to be processed must have geolocations stored in EXIF data. The images must:

  • Have the same format
  • Have a similar size
  • Be from the same area
Can I upload RGB and multispectral imagery data into the same project?

The Intel Insight Platform currently supports the upload of RGB and multispectral image data into the same project with Parrot Sequoia* cameras. If using other cameras, the RGB and multispectral datasets must be uploaded separately into different projects.

Ground Control Points

Are Ground Control Points (GCPs) supported?

Yes, Ground Control Points (GCPs) are supported in Insight Platform.

When are GCPs required for a project?

Use GCPs, if your project requires a high level of global accuracy or a certain range of accuracy.

How do I adjust the settings on my GCPs?

GCPs are processed automatically once you upload your CSV files with the GCP coordinates at the time of creating a new project. Currently, there aren’t any settings available within Insight Platform to adjust GCPs.