The State of Data Center Management as a Service in 2018

As the use of data center management solutions mature, organizations are challenged with throwing additional money and resources to upgrade its data center management infrastructure to achieve operational efficiency. Or, make a decision to change the paradigm completely and leverage a newer cloud enabled services. At this point, data center managers know doing nothing is leaving the choice of how and when to do better management to luck and will likely result in a time-consuming and unpredictable evolution.
When comparing the option of upgrading your on-premise data center management solution to leveraging Data Center Management as a service – or DMaaS for short – both are similar in objective but very different in approach. An on-premise or traditional solution offers consistent and secure data collection, reporting and alerting. In turn, DMaaS is an easy-to-use, lowcost cloud-based solution that gives IT professionals the ability to monitor their data center infrastructure incrementally, receive real-time insights, and prevent potential failures.