Cloud Data Center Providing Advanced Remote Server Management Efficiency Case Study

Intel® Virtual Gateway SDK delivers significant annual savings by providing secure, legacy system integration and remote server-group management Business:, an e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing, is China’s largest premier online and overall retailer with a world-class fulfillment operation providing same-day and next-day service to over one billion customers. Challenges • Turn server groups off/on • Remote management and health access to servers • Eliminate unnecessary network layer for the VPN operator access • Manage BMC configuration access Solution • Intel® Virtual Gateway SDK Executive Summary, China’s biggest premier online and overall retailer with a world-class national fulfillment operation, installed the Intel® Virtual Gateway SDK (Intel® VGTW) in its server network and began to deploy the remote vKVM solution to optimize its IT infrastructure. The company sought to save time and increase efficiency by leveraging Intel® VGTW to remotely control server groups, simplify access between multiple software platforms, and improve operational efficiency. Intel® VGTW would integrate into existing management systems and eliminate the need for additional hardware, while improving server health access and control across multiple Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) servers. The company currently operates 150,000 servers. deployed Intel® VGTW and began to leverage its remote access capabilities to power devices off/on as required and diagnose issues without the need for additional hardware which reduced costly downtime. The Intel® VGTW remote management capability also allowed operators the ability to manage batches of up to 50 servers at once, powering them off/on as required. Health reporting capabilities combined with automated alerts allowed operators to form and manage server groups, analyze server logs, and configure changes without the need for manual processes. Intel® VGTW allowed to have better visibility into the health of their servers. The company performed regular remote, system maintenance enabled by Intel® VGTW’s server vendor agnostic capabilities, simplifying operational efficiency. Additionally, operators were able to initialize, maintain and repair server issues like BIOS configuration, OS installation, and other routine maintenance from the convenience of their computer screens. Case Study | Intel® Virtual Gateway SDK Provides Advanced Remote Server Management Efficiency Figure 1. Intel® Virtual Gateway Console Additionally, Intel® VGTW facilitated the integration of the office and production networks, simplifying access for operators by eliminating a redundant credentialing step. Finally, Intel® VGTW allowed IT managers to control access levels thereby eliminating configuration errors. The convenience and time savings this provided their team significantly improved the overall efficiency of the operation. The time-saving benefits of Intel® VGTW SDK led to a reduction in labor costs and substantial annual cost savings of $750,000 USD. Background installed Intel® VGTW and began to deploy the solution in its data center network operation. IT administrators began implementing its advanced features like its Comprehensive Failure Report Analysis which provided insight into the component health of their servers. The company currently operates 150,000 servers. Intel® Virtual Gateway (formerly known as Intel® Virtual KVM) remotely diagnoses, troubleshoots, and monitors the health of data center servers using a firmware based capability embedded in the servers. This eliminates the need for complicated and expensive KVM hardware. IT administrators leveraged Intel® VGTW SDK monitoring and diagnostic features to gain comprehensive cross-platform insight into the health of their broad spectrum of OEM servers. The solution produces clear, consistent component health analysis regardless of server model, allowing operators to discover failed or failing devices, while diagnosing fixes to reduce