Intel® Datacenter Manager: Energy Director (Intel® DCM: Energy Director) Ready Servers

Intel Servers S4600LH S2600CO S2600CP* S2600GZ/GL* S2600IP S2600JF* S2600KI S2600WP S2600GZ S2400GP S2600GL S1600JP S1400SP S1400FP S1200BT S1200KP Intel Servers (continued) S2400BB S2400SC S2400EP S2400WP S2400LP S2400GP W2600CR S4600LH S5500WB server board S5520UR server board S5520HC server board QSSC-S4R server board Dell PowerEdge-C OEM/ODM with various NM 1100 enabled SKUs 2100 Asus 6100 Dawning Dell DCS** Foxconn CS12-TY Gigabyte CS24-TY Inspur XS23-TY3 Lenovo Mitac PowerLeader MSI Quanta SGI Supermicro Tyan Wistron ZT Systems Dell Servers 11G PowerEdge R410 R415 R510 11G PowerEdge iDRAC7 (cont.) PowerEdge T410 M620* T610 R620* T620 R720* iDRAC 6 For some Dell* servers, iDRAC6 is an optional component. It is required to customize those servers with the iDRAC6 option selected for Intel® DCM to manage the platforms. The servers must have R515 R610 R620 R710 R715 R720 R810 R815 R910 T710 M610 M610x M620 M710 M710HD M910 C1100 C2100 C6100 C6220 R720xd R820 T320* T420* T620* PMBus enabled PSUs installed for DCM to manage them. iDRAC 7 Basis and express – monitor only Enterprise – monitor and capping Enclosures PowerEdge M1000e and Chassis Management Controller (CMC) 3.2 must be installed. HP Servers: Servers xw2x220c Xw460c WS460c G6 DL160 G8 SL230G8 SL250G8 DL320 G6 ML330 G6 ML350 G6 ML350 G8 HP LO 100 devices Blades iLO 2/3/4 ML110 G5 ML115 G5 DL120 G5 BL2x220 G5, G6 BL2x220c G5, G6, G7 BL260c G5, G6 Servers with Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) 2 can be managed by Intel® DCM as DCMI platforms after updating the firmware to the latest version. HP servers with iLO3 can be directly managed. ML150 G5 BL280c G6 HP iLO 2/3/4 DL160 G5 DL165 G5 DL180 G5 DL185 G5 SL165z G6 BL420c G8 Servers may require iLO Advanced Pack Licenses to enable the power capping BL460c G1 ** functionality. Before the licenses are activated on the servers, they are managed by BL460c G5, G6, G7 Intel® DCM as nodes without power capping capability. After the activation, the nodes BL460c G8 need to be power-cycled and rediscovered to work with Intel® DCM on power capping. BL465c G1, G5, G6, G7, G8 DCM is able to monitor power on HP LO 100 devices, but with no power capping DL360 G5 *** DL360 G6 DL360 G7 DL360 G8 DL370 G6 ML370 G6 DL380 G5 DL380 G6 DL380 G7 DL380 G8 DL385 G6 DL385 G7 DL385 G8 DL585 G6 BL480c functionality. BL490c G6, G7 BL495c G5, G6 To manage enclosures of HP SL Scalable systems, HP SL Advanced Power Manager is required. BL620c G1 BL680c G5, G7 BL685c G1, G5, G6, G7 Enclosures: BladeSystem c3000, c7000 Enclosures: SL Scalable Systems s6500, z6000 Both must have Onboard Administrator (OA) installed. Enclosures: SL Scalable Systems s6500, z6000 ** with Quad-Core support , *** with Quad Core "G-step" system board IBM Servers: IBM System IBM eServer xSeries Enclosures (BladeCenter) ** Blades (cont.) x3200 x 206m E Chassis JS20 x3200 M2 x3250 x 236 x 260 H Chassis HT Chassis JS21 JS23 x3350 x3400 x 306m x 336 S Chassis Blades JS43 LS20 x3450 x3455 x3500 x3550 x3610 x3650 x3650 T x3655 x3755 x3800 x3850 x 346 x 347 x 366sdf HC10 HS12 HS20 HS21 HS21 XM HS22 HS22V HS40 HX5 ** must have Management Module installed