Cloud Data Center Chinese Railway & Transportation Company Increasing Remote Server Visibility And Control Case Study

Intel® Data Center Manager delivers significant annual savings by optimizing server utilization and management, and eliminating the need for more resources Business: China Railway Corporation, based in Beijing, is a state-owned and sole proprietary enterprise providing railway passenger and cargo transportation service. There are 127,000 kilometers rail track, and 25,000 kilometers of high speed track in China by the end of 2017. Also in 2017, railways in China delivered 2.852 billion passenger trips. Challenges • Server power and thermal health monitoring • Remote access controls • IT device power (PDU, UPS, Network, Storage) • Aggregated control • Historical trend analysis • Server utilization • Energy optimization Solution • Intel® Data Center Manager Executive Summary China Railway (CR), a state-owned and sole proprietary enterprise, installed Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) at its Beijing, China data center. The solution was deployed across 1,500 servers to gain greater insight into the facility’s server optimization and cooling efficiency. Intel® DCM provided CR’s IT operations team a remote access, cross-platform view of their servers. The ability to monitor the thermal health of individual servers and components at this granularity led to a reduction of additional IT staff and man- hours associated with manual monitoring. With Intel® DCM, the company could reduce labor by 500 man-hours per year, yielding a savings of $375,000 USD over the next five years. Additionally, Intel® DCM’s ability to deliver device-level power and thermal data would eliminate the need for intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU), another significant source of cost-savings. By not purchasing hardware sensors, the Intel® DCM deployment results across 150 of the data center racks indicated a five-year savings of $300,000 USD. Lastly, the railway company determined Intel® DCM’s remote switching capability would reduce energy costs through the redeployment of 16 percent of their servers. The resulting efficiency improvement and reduced energy consumption with Intel® DCM would save CR $236,520 USD over five years. The combined Intel® DCM solution deployment results for the full data center operation over the next five years indicated an overall savings of $911,520 USD. Case Study | Intel® Data Center Manager Increases Remote Server Visibility And Control at A Lower Cost Figure 1. Intel® Data Center Manager Console Background The railway’s Beijing-based IT operation team sought to gain insight into how to better deploy their servers. Intel® DCM’s aggregated control and granular health monitoring provided transparency into device operation, thermal health, remote access, and capacity planning. The company deployed DCM across all 1,500 servers in the data center where they conducted the deployment. Intel® DCM is a middleware web-service API that integrates easily into existing management systems to monitor, manage and optimize the energy consumption and temperature of data center servers. The railway company sought to achieve greater access, while remotely monitoring server nodes in their data center operation. IT staff installed Intel® DCM and began to compile and aggregate data from the servers. Through its ease of use and cross-platform support, Intel® 2 Case Study | Intel® Data Center Manager Increases Remote Server Visibility And Control at A Lower Cost DCM enabled the company’s IT staff to visualize trend data with features like its 2D front of rack visibility and overhead mapping. Intel® DCM Provides Remote Access and Real-Time Power and Thermal Data Collection Using Intel® DCM with its cross-platform support and easy access limits the amount