Cloud Data Center Bank of China Delivering Energy Efficiency and Optimizing Server Utilization Case Study

Intel® Data Center Manager delivers significant annual savings through thermal management and server optimization without the need for additional hardware Business: One of the largest banks in China with over 100 years of service to its customers Challenges • Efficient cooling management and energy efficiency • Real-time power and thermal monitoring • Better data center server utilization • Remote access control and IT device power (PDU) Solution • Intel® Data Center Manager Executive Summary The Bank of China installed Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) in its data centers, deploying the solution across 340 devices in a test deployment to gain greater insight into power and thermal monitoring, server utilization, energy consumption, and data center temperature set point. The bank currently operates over 3,000 servers in its data center. (Note that: we will use the number of 3,000 instead of 340 to calculate all the savings and 3,000 is an estimated number.) Intel conducted a detailed discovery session of the bank’s server environment to identify the specific pain points that its DCM solution would address. The IT administrators installed Intel® DCM and immediately found it easy to use and quickly began to further analyze the thermal health of their servers. The solution enabled the remote access they needed to power servers on and off as needed. DCM allowed the team to aggregate data as well as optimize server temperature levels cross-platform. Intel® DCM’s cooling analysis also enabled the data center staff to raise air temperatures in the data center by 2°C, while simultaneously eliminating the risk of downtime or performance complications and continuously monitoring devices to correct issues in real time. This Intel® DCM solution indicated an annual savings of $27,360 USD. Intel® DCM’s ability to deliver device level power and thermal data also eliminated the need to purchase intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Intel® DCM enabled a monitoring strategy without the purchase of additional hardware infrastructure, including 600 intelligent PDU sensors to monitor a broad spectrum of types of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) servers housed in the data center server room. This capability deployed across the full network would save the data center an additional $60,000 USD. Intel® DCM’s thermal and health monitoring capability identified idling servers and allowed the IT staff the remote access capability to power on/off any devices Case Study | Intel® Data Center Manager Delivers Energy Efficiency and Optimizes Server Utilization Figure 1. Intel® Data Center Manager Console that were idle. The savings from the reduction in energy consumption in the 340-server test deployment indicated that, in a broader deployment, the bank could reduce annual operating costs by an additional $18,300 USD. The initial test deployment of 340 servers indicated that if Intel® DCM were deployed across all of the company’s 3,000 servers, the annual monitoring and cooling costs of the data center would be reduced by $105,660 USD. Background The Bank of China installed Intel® DCM in its data center and immediately began to access its diagnostic capabilities for power, thermal and health monitoring. Its intuitive design allowed IT administrators to monitor and troubleshoot the health of the data center’s hardware in real time reducing overhead margins and gaining efficiency. Intel® DCM is a middleware, web-service API that integrates easily into existing management systems to monitor, manage and optimize the energy consumption and temperature