Cloud Data Center QingCloud Cutting Man-Hours and Optimizing Server Operation Case Study

Intel® Data Center Manager optimizes remote access management to reduce man-hours and improve cooling, component health, and server utilization Business: A cloud computing platform that provides IaaS-based flexible cloud services Challenges • Server-level centralized remote access capability • Real-time cross-platform thermal and power monitoring • Eliminating the extra costs of PDUs • Automated discovery for underutilized servers • Cooling analysis and better data center server utilization Solution • Intel® Data Center Manager Executive Summary QingCloud installed Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) in its data center network. The company deployed the solution across its 4,000 servers to automate the management of its data center in terms of server utilization, component health, and thermal efficiency. QingCloud also leveraged Intel® DCM to balance loads more efficiently, analyze and remedy data center cooling issues, and gauge the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of multiple server models. Intel® DCM provided the cloud services provider’s IT operations team a remote access, cross-platform view of their servers. The ability to monitor the thermal health of individual servers and components at this granularity led to a significant reduction in the man-hours associated with manual monitoring. With Intel® DCM, the company could reduce labor costs by 1,700 man-hours per year, yielding a one-year savings of $200,000 USD. Intel® DCM’s ability to deliver device-level power and thermal data also eliminated the need for intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs). The customer’s current data center 440-rack environment was reduced to 396 due to density improvement during consolidation, with a projected savings from this optimization at $316,800 USD. Intel® DCM’s thermal and health monitoring capability identified idling servers and allowed the IT staff the remote access capability to power off/on any devices that were idle. The savings from the reduction in energy consumption in the full 4,000-server deployment indicated that the cloud provider could reduce the one- year operating costs by $118,260 USD. Additionally, through Intel® DCM’s health monitoring and utilization capabilities, IT staff optimized server workloads and increased rack density by 10 percent, and postponed the need for new rack purchases. The solution not only reduced the Case Study | Intel® Data Center Manager Cuts Man-Hours and Optimizes Server Operation with Significant Cost Savings Figure 1. Intel® Data Center Manager Console number of racks from 440 to 396, but it also significantly lowered the cost of data center space rental. The added visibility and operational efficiency yielded for their 4,000 server operation would realize a potential one-year savings of $704,000 USD. The overall estimated savings that the company would realize in deploying Intel® DCM would be $1,339,060 USD. Background QingCloud was looking for an automated way to increase efficiency, extend server life and save energy within its data center operation. The company’s IT administrators quickly gained visibility into the 4,000-server test deployment and began aggregating and comparing data in real time as well as assessing workloads to determine the cause of inefficiencies across their environment. The thermal and power data collected clearly identified areas for improvement and simplified the diagnostic process for the company’s IT department. Intel® DCM is a middleware, web-service API that integrates easily into existing management systems to monitor, manage, and optimize the energy consumption and temperature of data center servers. Intel® DCM Provides Remote Access and Real-Time Power and Thermal Data Collection Using Intel® DCM with its cross-platform support and easy access limits the amount