Advanced POS: Forging Retail’s Future

New ways of ringing up customers are helping retailers make the critical shift from transaction to interaction.


  • Advanced point-of-sale systems are the hub of digitally transformed retail

  • When retailers use new POS technologies, customers are engaged and revenues rise

  • Leading retailers are turning data generated by POS systems into real-time insights



Point-of-sale systems are evolving to meet the challenges of the 21st-century marketplace, augmenting the shopping experience of customers while maximizing efficiencies in everything from checkout times to inventory flow. Although modern POS systems are decentralized, they are also powerful, interconnected, and often mobile.

Modern POS platforms are hubs for retailers to better understand their customers while also making shopping more convenient and fun. With the right POS solutions, retailers see more conversions and gain deeper insight into what’s selling and what’s not. 

POS: The Digital Hub
An increasing number of phone and tablet stores use mobile POS systems, and other sectors are starting to follow. Switching to mobile POS is a sound decision for many if not most retailers, but such a move should follow careful evaluation of a retailer’s specific needs.

The watchword is compatibility. Smart retailers will select a mobile computing device that meets specs for payment card industry (PCI) compliance, connectivity, and manageability. A good example: Motion computing tablets— devices that incorporate Intel processors and Windows—can support any retail operation. They boast full compatibility with most POS software and peripherals, and offer complete PCI application support, superb wireless capabilities, and excellent remote management.

POS solutions are the hub of a multichannel commerce infrastructure. With advanced POS solutions, retailers can see what’s happening across channels, helping businesses better understand their customers. Leading retailers are turning the data from POS solutions into real-time insights.

Richard Clarke, global retail director for strategy and business development at Fujitsu, has said that advanced POS technologies will be at the center of retail’s digital transformation:

“The fundamental disruptor is what we call the ‘connected store’—the online world coming together with the offline world. And it’s really starting to accelerate now.”

Fujitsu offers the TP8 terminal, a sleek, minimalist platform enabled by Intel® Core™ technology that features a modular, all-in-one design and 
dual independent customer-facing display.

The TP8 supports multiple in-store touchpoints and handles a wide range of applications, including sales transactions, registration, promotions, and loyalty programs. 

"The fundamental disruptor is what we call the ‘connected store’ — the online world coming together with the off line world. And it’s really starting to accelerate now."

— Richard Clarke
Global Retail Director for
Strategy and Business
Development, Fujitsu

"Restaurants are getting infinitely more data now. With that information they can learn what customers want and tailor their menus accordingly."

— Leslie Truelove
Marketing Director, Ziosk