Intel Inside®. A Better Way to Retail Outside

Customer expectations are changing—fast. Intel gives you one secure, flexible foundation that connects every channel and system in your organization. Now you can give customers what they want, when and how they want it.

Intel Solutions Help Retailers Work Smarter

Make finding and purchasing products easier for customers; all while keeping data and devices safe.

Know Your Customers

Understand buyer behavior. Predict demand. Optimize campaigns.

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Inventory Accuracy

Gain actionable in-store intelligence with Intel® technology.

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Personalized Shopping

Customized insights turn browsers into brand-loyal buyers.

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Retail Transformation with Big Data

Steve Power Brown explains how Intel® technology helps retailers use big data to build relationships, transforming the retail experience.

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Matching the Right Products to the Right Customers

To compete, your campaigns need to be more targeted than ever. Through data and analytics, learn how to give customers what they really want, create seamless experiences they’ll love, and protect their personal information.

Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience—SAP HANA* and Intel

Explore this solution brief and see how SAP HANA* and Intel are providing a single-platform, real-time analytics solution to help retailers identify trends and patterns that can be used to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience across all channels.

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Predictive Analytics Help Foresee Future Purchasing Behaviors

Explore this use case and see how predictive analytics from Cloudera distribution of Hadoop* (CDH) helps a French household appliances company ingest and process large amounts of raw customer data to predict buying trends among those customers.

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Improve Targeted Marketing with Consumer Segmentation

Review this solution brief and see how an international food processing company improves the accuracy and effectiveness of its targeted marketing campaigns by using Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) to develop in-depth segmentation of consumers who buy cold cut products.

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Intel, Cloudera, and SAP: A Big Data-Driven Analytics Solution

Explore this solution brief which describes how a joint solution from SAP HANA and Cloudera Enterprise operating on Intel® hardware can improve decision-making, empower data analysts, and produce deep insights.

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Intel and Cloudera Improve Company’s Predictive Analysis Abilities

Explore this use case and see how by using predictive analysis tools from partners like Intel and Cloudera a large international confectioner boosts holiday sales, while reducing inventory by accurately targeting product to stores in each state.

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Big Data Analytics in Retail

Intel and Living Naturally Co. use big data to help a health store increase sales and reduce inventory carrying costs.

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Levi Strauss & Co. Pilot Next-Gen Retail with Intel

Watch how Levi Strauss & Co. are partnering with Intel for the next-gen retail experience with more inventory accuracy and visibility, the right tools to empower stylists and employees, and smart sensors and the cloud to create insights.

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Inventory Data Can Help Your Store Work Smarter

When items are easier to locate, they are easier to sell. Increase labor optimization, insure shelf compliance and learn your merchandising trends.

Optimize Store Profits and the Customer Experience

Displays how to optimize store profits and the customer experience with the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform, Intel® IoT gateways, and JDA Store Logistics Software* working together.

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SATO Global Solutions

Drawing on its relationship with Intel, SATO is bringing the retail industry a data-driven in-store solution for accurate inventory management and enhanced customer management.

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Enhancing the Customer Experience in Hospitality

See how the Chicago Bar Shop helps restaurant and bar owners improve ambience, inventory, and more with Intel®-based IoT solutions.

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Transforming Retail with Sales Assist from Intel

Intel offers retailers a path to business success with Retail Sales Assist, a range of guided selling and workforce management tools that provides advice to help retailers determine the best technologies to fit their specific needs.

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Your Day just got Better—Intel®-Powered Retail Software

Discover how Intel®-powered retail software can help you navigate through your busy day seamlessly with handheld device technology services like linebusting, inventory checks, sales assist, secure transactions, and more.

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Gathering and Using Customer Insights

Take the next step to better understand how your products are experienced by your customers. Equip Sales Associates with tools to redefine customer engagement.

Learn How NCR Sales Advisor* Can Empower Your Sales Team

Follow three customers as they shop and learn how NCR Sales Advisor* can empower sales associates with tools that can access customer’s online carts, check family profiles, and locate items quickly with cross-channel capabilities.

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Deliver Amazing Shopping Experiences with NCR Sales Advisor*

Review this solution brief and see how NCR Sales Advisor* and Microsoft Windows running on Intel® hardware can bring the power of sales personalization, enterprise-grade security and manageability, and the rich consumer experience of e-commerce to your store.

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A Restaurant Mobile POS Solution for the Hospitality Industry

Review this solution guide, which describes the business advantages, hardware and software considerations, and next-gen capabilities of a restaurant mobile POS solution offered by Oracle MICROS, Microsoft, and Intel for the hospitality industry.

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The Future of Retail Through the Internet of Things (IoT)

Review this white paper, which provides results from interviews with senior decision makers at leading retailers like American Apparel, Benetton, and others that show by adopting IoT, retailers can combine the online and in-store experience for customers, and turn stores into a place of entertainment.

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Mobile Retail Solutions that Engage Customers

Discover how the latest mobile retail solutions, based on Intel® processors, are transforming associates into mobile knowledge workers, equipped to better engage customers, compare products, and understand shopper preferences.

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Understanding the Customer—Unified Commerce

See how Intel®-powered solutions are helping retailers successfully transition from omnichannel to unified commerce by optimizing customer touchpoints, and building foundational capabilities that enable one truth across channels.

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