Quartus II Software Online Demonstrations Center

The Quartus® II Software Online Demonstrations Center provides tools and resources to help you learn more about Altera's Quartus II software, including:

  • Self-running demonstrations that present a quick overview of a feature or procedure
  • Links to relevant Altera® documentation that provides detailed information on respective modules
  • Available online or instructor-led training courses and interactive tutorial modules
  • 24-hour technical support and online solutions via mySupport

Table 1 lists available demonstration topics. New topics and modules are added regularly.

Table 1. Demonstration Topics

Quartus II Topic Online Demonstration Modules
Quartus II Software Overview
  • Compile your first design using Quartus II Software
  • Introductory information about Quartus II Software
Basic FPGA/CPLD Design
  • Design entry
  • Compilation
  • TimeQuest Timing Analyzer
  • Simulation
  • Programming
  • Scripting
Design Flows
  • MAX+PLUS® II project conversion to Quartus II Software
  • MAX+PLUS II user interface
  • System design using SOPC Builder
  • Importing custom peripherals into SOPC Builder
  • Creating multi-clock domain systems
  • Nios® II Processor C-to-Hardware (C2H) acceleration compiler
Design Optimization and Implementation
  • Integrated cross probing
  • Optimization advisors which provide design-specific suggestions to improve design results
  • Register transfer level (RTL) viewer and technology map viewer to check synthesis and fitting results
  • I/O assignment analysis to validate pin assignments early
  • Timing closure floorplan
  • Netlist optimization to improve push-button results
  • Design space explorer to increase design performance
Reducing Design Cycles
  • Incremental compilation and team-based design
  • Integrated cross probing
  • Using I/O assignment analysis to validate pin assignments early
  • TimeQuest timing analyzer
  • Analyzing and optimizing power in FPGAs
  • Update FPGA memory contents in-system to facilitate verification
  • Perform a functional and/or a timing simulation with the Model TechnologyTM ModelSim®-Altera software