Title Release Date
Data Sheets
EFEC7 (OTU4) IP Core Nov 2013
G.709 FEC (OTU1, OTU2, OTU3, OTU4) IP Core Mar 2012
G.975 I.4 EFEC (OTU3) IP Core Mar 2012
G.975 I.4 EFEC (OTU2) IP Core Mar 2014
G.975 I.7 EFEC (OTU2) IP Core Feb 2015
G.975 I.9 EFEC (OTU2) IP Core Feb 2015
Application Notes
AN695: Clock Reconstruction with Low-Cost External DCXO 
     AN695 Design Files (18 KB)
Nov 2013
White Papers
Superior CPRI over OTN Front-Haul Solutions March 2016
OTN Transport of Baseband Radio Serial Protocols in C-RAN Architecture for Mobile Network Applications
(MTI Mobile)
Mar 2014
Implementing Next-Generation Passive Optical Network Designs with FPGAs May 2012
Addressing 100-GbE Line-Card Design Challenges on 28-nm FPGAs Nov 2011
Using 10-Gbps Transceivers in 40G/100G Applications Sep 2011
Integrating 100-GbE Switching Solutions on 28-nm FPGAs Jul 2010
Optical Transport Networks for 100G Implementation in FPGAs Jul 2010
Enabling 100-Gbit OTN Muxponder Solutions on 28-nm FPGAs Apr 2010
Leveraging Cost-Optimized FPGAs to Deliver OTN Mapper Solutions Oct 2009
Enabling Ethernet-Over-NG-SONET/SDH/PDH Solutions for MSPP Linecards Apr 2009
Developing MSAN Equipment Using Low-Cost FPGAs Jan 2008
Using FPGA-Based Channel Bonding for HDTV Over DSL Feb 2008
Custom NPUs for Broadband Access Line Cards Dec 2007
Customizing Multi-Service Access Network Silicon Aug 2007
Traffic Management for Testing Triple-Play Services Mar 2006
Building Flexible, Cost-Efficient Broadband Access Equipment Line Cards Sep 2006
Increase Flexibility in Layer 2 Switches by Integrating Ethernet ASSP Functions Into FPGAs Feb 2006
Enabling Quality of Service With Customizable Traffic Managers Sep 2005
Using Stratix GX Devices for SONET/SDH Backplanes May 2004
Implementing a Queue Manager in Traffic Management Systems Feb 2004
Traffic Management in Stratix GX Devices Dec 2002
Stratix GX in Switch Fabric Systems Nov 2002
Enhancing High-Speed Telecommunications Networks with FEC Feb 2001
System Design Journal  
Cable TV will Never be the Same Again Aug 2016