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Data Sheets
Motor Control IP Suite Components for Drive-on-Chip Reference Designs Feb 2014 520 KB
Application Notes
AN773: Drive-On-Chip Reference Design  MAX® 10 Devices Nov 2017 650 KB
AN704: FPGA-based Safety Separation Design Flow for Rapid IEC Jun 2014 505 KB
AN669: Drive-On-Chip Reference Design May 2014 1 MB
AN 677: Adding New Design Components to the PROFINET IP Apr 2013 1 MB
AN 675: PROFINET Reference Design Bootstrap and Flash Access Apr 2013 348 KB
AN 674: PROFINET IRT and Getting Started with The Siemens CPU 315 PLC Apr 2013 485 KB
White Papers
Five Ways to Build Flexibility into Industrial Applications with FPGAs Sep 2014 2 MB
Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for Industrial Applications Sep 2014 469 KB
8 Reasons to Use FPGAs in IEC 61508 Functional Safety Applications Sep 2013 556 KB
Advantages of Using FPGAs in Precision Inverter Modules 
Jul 2013 741 KB
A Validated Methodology for Designing Safe Industrial Systems on a Chip Mar 2013 371 KB
Overcoming Smart Grid Equipment Design Challenges with FPGAs Feb 2013 1 MB
Support All Industrial Ethernet Standards on Your Next "Drive" Design Nov 2012 495 KB
Building an IP Surveillance Camera System with a Low-Cost FPGA May 2012 592 KB
Optimize Motor Control Designs with an Integrated FPGA Design Flow May 2012 811 KB
Reducing Steps to Achieve Safety Certification Nov 2011 439 KB
A Flexible Solution for Industrial Ethernet Nov 2010 608 KB
Developing Functional Safety Systems with TÜV-Qualified FPGAs Mar 2010 446 KB
User Guides
DisplayPort MegaCore Function User Guide Jun 2014 7 MB