Setup Page (Design Space Explorer II)

Compilation Type

Choose one of the following options:

Compilation Type Description
Local Compile from the host machine.
The available options are:

Remote Farm Settings

Specify the job's parameters. The options that appear depend on the remote compilation type:

Table 1. LSF Remote Farm Settings
Parameter Comments
Resource Requirements

Specify memory requirements for the machines that run jobs. Example:

"rusage[mem=1000]" (including quotes) * Require 1000 MB RAM for submitted jobs.
Queues One or more comma-separated queues.
Additional remote settings Specify other settings
Table 2. SSH Remote Farm Settings
Parameter Required/Optional Comments
Hostnames Required List of remote hostnames. You can specify this list in two ways:
  • Comma-separated list of hostnames.
  • Name of a file containing the hostnames. The file must have one hostname per line.
Note: You can use an IP address instead of a hostname.
Jobs per host Optional Number of parallel compiles the host can support. The default value is 1. Set this to a higher value if the remote host has enough CPU and memory to do multiple compilations at a time.
Custom SSH port Optional Port that the SSH server is listening on. The default value is 22.
Private Key Optional Path to the private ssh key that you use to connect to the remote host.

DSE assumes that you have already accepted the fingerprint of the remote hosts. If you have not done so, please use SSH connect to the remote host outside of DSE and accept the fingerprint

User Optional User name on the remote host. The default value is the local host’s username.
Quartus Root Path Required Path to the Intel® Quartus® Prime software installation on the remote host.
LM_LICENSE_FILE Optional Environment value to set on the remote host. you can set this variable to either a license file or a floating license server using the format port@license_server.
SSH Client Optional SSH client to use to connect. Defaults to ssh for linux and plink for Windows.
Additional SSH Client Arguments Optional Allows you to specify additional arguments to pass to the SSH client application
Farm Operating System Required Type of OS of the remote host
Local Remote Path Mapping Optional Allows you to map a local path to an equivalent path on the remote host. This is most useful for mapping a Windows network drive to an equivalent shared path on Linux
Initial Work Directory Optional Path that the remote host should start work on
Reverse Tunnel Port Optional
Note: Use this feature only if there is a firewall separating the localhost and the remote host.
This option activates port forwarding and specifies a port on the remote hosts to be forwarded to the localhost.

Port Forwarding routes network traffic between local host and the remote host through the SSH tunnel. Specify ‘auto’ to allow the tool to activate this feature and select a free network port. Leave this field empty to disable this feature.

Additional remote settings Optional Specify other settings
Table 3. Torque Remote Farm Settings
Parameter Comments
Resource Requirements Comma-separated environment variables. Example:
Queues Name of the job queue to use.
Additional remote settings Specify other settings