Simulation Flows

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software supports various simulation flows.
Table 1. Simulation Flows
Simulation Flow Description
Scripted Simulation Flows Scripted simulation supports custom control of all aspects of simulation, such as custom compilation commands, or multi-pass simulation flows. Use a version-independent top-level simulation script that "sources" Intel® Quartus® Prime-generated IP simulation setup scripts. The Intel® Quartus® Prime software generates a combined simulator setup script for all IP cores, for each supported simulator.
Specialized Simulation Flows Supports specialized simulation flows for specific design variations, including the following:
  • For simulation of example designs, refer to the documentation for the example design or to the IP core user guide.
  • For simulation of Platform Designer designs, refer to Creating a System with Platform Designer or Creating a System with Platform Designer Pro.
  • For simulation of designs that include the Nios® II embedded processor, refer to Simulating a Nios® II Embedded Processor.