Advanced Settings

Allows you to search the entire design, or to limit a search to a specific portion of the design. Also allows you to create a separate page for search results.

  • Search entire design— Searches all design elements across the entire design.
  • Limit search to schematic view— Searches all pages of the currently displayed schematic, such as a schematic showing filtering results.
  • Search entire design and display in search page— Searches all design elements across the entire design and displays the results on a separate page dedicated to search results.
  • Append results to current search page— Allows you to append search results to an existing search page. The appended items appear in the same relative position as they do in the full schematic. You can use this option to find and select two objects that are not on the same page and display them on the same page.

These options are available only for the Netlist Viewers. These options are unavailable in the Replace dialog box.