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The EPCQ-A family has been supported since Quartus Prime 17.1 Standard  & Lite editions, for devices not included in this release, the following versions of Quartus have patches available to download which add EPCQ-A support to legacy Quartus releases.

Download the readme instructions and select the operating system on which you will apply the patch

Quartus II Subscription Edition Version 13.1

Online Training

Course Title Description
Configuration Schemes for Intel FPGA's
This training will show you the difference between all the configuration schemes that can be used to configure Intel FPGAs
Introduction to Configuring Intel FPGA's This training will introduce you to the configuration schemes, solutions, features and tools available for configuring Intel FPGAs and programming configuration devices
Configuration Solutions for Intel FPGA's In this training you will learn about the Intel configuration devices, serial and parallel flash loaders and the embedded configuration solutions. You will see how the Intel Quartus® Prime software can be used to set all the configuration options and to generate the different configuration files. Furthermore, you will have a basic understanding of the design security and the remote system upgrade features