Intel® Ethernet Controllers and Connections

Industry-leading Ethernet connectivity for network appliances, high-performance Ethernet adapters, dense rack architectures, and embedded applications.

Intel® Ethernet 800 Series Controllers (up to 100GbE)

  • Supports multiple port speeds with a single architecture: 100/50/25/10/1GbE
  • Deliver consistent application performance with Application Device Queues (ADQ)
  • Improve packet processing efficiency with Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP)
  • Supports both iWARP and RoCEv2 Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)
  • Protect, detect and recover with Hardware Root of Trust

Intel® Ethernet 700 Series Controllers(up to 40GbE)

  • Multiple speeds and media types for broad compatibility (40/25/10/1GbE)
  • Greater intelligence and performance for NFV
  • Enhanced network virtualization overlays (NVO)
  • Flexible and scalable I/O for virtualized infrastructures
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Advanced traffic steering

Intel® Ethernet 500 Series Connections and Controllers (up to 10GbE)

  • Low cost, low power
  • Supports 10/5/2.5/1GbE and 100Mb
  • Backward compatible with existing 1000BASE-T networks, simplifying the transition to 10Gb Ethernet
  • Optimized for network virtualization overlays

Intel® Ethernet Connection Retimers and Multi-host Controllers (up to 100GbE)

  • Ethernet Connection Retimers extend reach of Ethernet signals and support a wide variety of IEEE and industry specifications for Ethernet
  • Multi-host Controllers support offer flexible interconnect to high-performance servers and Data Center bridging features

Intel® Ethernet Connections and Controllers (up to 2.5GbE)

  • Single, dual and quad-port 1GbE options
  • Innovative power management technologies
  • Reliable and proven gigabit Ethernet connectivity