Intel® Server System M20MYP

Featuring 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Key Takeaway

  • 24/7 Global Intel Technical Support

  • Outstanding 3-year Warranty

  • Simplified Deployment and Operations



Essential Features and Cost-Effective Performance

Intel® Server System M20MYP delivers essential performance and robust security for an entry-level server. Featuring 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the server delivers outstanding per-core performance across a wide variety of workloads, and built-in security enhancements to help better protect your data and infrastructure. And unlike limited, 1G Ethernet connectivity offered in many entry-level servers, the Intel® Server System M20MYP is equipped with dual 10G Ethernet ports, greatly accelerating network I/O.
Intel® Server System M20MYP can be configured to order to fit your specific performance and cost requirements. Choose the dual-processor 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor option to handle a wider variety of workloads with more performance headroom, or the single-processor Intel® Xeon® Gold processor U Series option for basic workloads that have predictable, lighter performance requirements. Both offer a variety of security enhancements built into the processor.

1U Server Form Factor with Flexible I/O, Storage and Networking Capacity

  • 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor
    • Dual 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for excellent compute
    • Single Intel® Xeon® Gold processor U Series for extra value
  • Integrated dual Intel® 10G Ethernet
  • 4 x flexible 3.5” hot-swap SAS/SATA drive bays (2.5” SSD compatible)
  • 2 x 16 PCIe* Gen 3 add-in card slots
  • Operating system boot option via two 80mm M.2 connectors (x2 and x4 PCIe/SATA); BIOS
  • RAID capable
  • Intel® SSD, Intel® RAID, Intel® Network and Intel® Remote Management components optional

When to Choose an Entry-Level Server

Workload needs vary greatly. Choosing the right server for each workload that your organization runs is important to ensure the right balance of performance and TCO.
The ideal entry-level server can deliver the right balance of price-performance, security enhancements and operational simplicity for your scale-out deployments and basic workloads.

A Key Member of the Intel® Server Solution Family Portfolio

There is a portfolio of Intel® Server Solutions to handle all your data center and workload requirements. Combined, these servers can run everything from entry-level tasks to your most compute-intensive and data-centric workloads.
The Intel® Server System M20MYP delivers cost-effective performance at the entry level. The Intel® Server System S2600WFR family provides flexible storage, memory and networking options for a variety of mainstream requirements. The Intel® Server System S2600BPR family delivers high-density processing and memory performance for more demanding workloads. And the Intel® Server System S9200WK family is purpose built for high performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads— offering the best performance per watt of any Intel® Server System.
As your basic workload demands grow, adding more Intel® Server System M20MYP platforms is a cost-effective scale- out choice to meet those changing needs.

Enterprise-Class Server Management

Intel® Server Solutions provide consistent, enterprise-grade server management across all platforms to simplify deployment, monitoring, updating and debugging.
The consistent interface, tools and utilities simplify and accelerate all stages of the server lifecycle—from build and customize to deployment, to multiserver management, and to single-server debug and maintenance.

Deploy with Confidence with Intel Quality, Reliability, Service and Support

All Intel® Server Systems are fully integrated systems with options for configure-to-order CPU, memory, storage, etc.
Intel® Server Solutions are backed by Intel’s design excellence and manufacturing expertise to deliver processing power with high levels of flexibility, manageability, and reliability.
Product and design quality are paired with a 3-year standard warranty with a 2-year extended warranty option. 24x7 global technical support and incident resolution support from Intel help ensure customer satisfaction.
And Intel’s comprehensive documentation simplifies integration, deployment and operational management, simplifying efforts and saving time.

Purpose-Built to Handle a Variety of Entry-level Needs

The Intel® Server System M20MYP offers a combination of cost-effective performance, flexibility and essential features that make it an ideal entry-level server for basic requirements in cloud, enterprise and small and medium business server workloads.

Cloud Workloads

  • VM and VDI hosting for IaaS/PaaS
  • Container-based apps
  • Infrastructure orchestration

Enterprise Workloads

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Firewall/edge appliance
  • Utility and provisioning

Small and Medium Business Workloads

  • Email server
  • Small database
  • Web server