Providing On-Premise Object Storage for MariaDB*

Executive Summary: Faced with huge volumes of data, businesses need to find cost-effective ways to manage it. In the past, databases have run on servers with their own attached storage. That makes it difficult to scale, and to optimize resource use across the data center. While hyperscale cloud providers offer databases based on shared storage, some companies may be reluctant to put their data in the cloud. Proprietary, on-premise solutions are available, but they may result in vendor lock-in and can incur significant licensing costs. Now, there is a way that organizations can keep their data on premise and also optimize their data center resources using shared storage for the MariaDB* database. The solution uses Rockset's RocksDB-Cloud* to add shared object storage to MariaDB*, together with the MinIO* open-source server software for object storage on premise. Because the software components are open source, there is no vendor lock-in and there are no licensing costs. Using the 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Gold processor with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory enables the block cache to be turned off. That results in significant cost savings by reducing DRAM capacity.