Intel® SSD Data Center P3100 Series M.2 Form Factor Product Brief

Value-based performance designed for data center usage.

Intel® 3D NAND TLC Technology
The Intel® SSD DC P3100 Series is part of the Intel® 3D NAND SSD family, and is Intel's first 3D NAND TLC-based M.2 form factor SSD with the PCIe* 3.0x4 NVMe* interface specifically architected for the Data Center. Delivered by a trusted supplier, using proven floating gate design technology, Intel® 3D NAND SSDs push the limits of performance and value to transform the economics of storage.

Entry PCIe* Boot Drive
The Intel® SSD DC P3100 Series delivers ideal endurance and performance for read-intensive value endurance workloads, and is specifically designed and tested for data center usage models.

The Intel® SSD DC P3100 Series is validated for the most common data center environments including boot, search indexing, edge caching, and web hosting.

Single-Sided for Design Flexibility
All Intel® SSD DC P3100 Series capacity points, including 1TB, are single-sided M.2 (22x80 mm) form factor, giving data center designers the flexibility to implement higher-density storage solutions, or to allocate more space for other critical server components.