Simple, Flexible, Powerful, Small

Intel-designed small form factor innovation.

The surprisingly compact and powerful Intel® NUC 8 Compute Element along with a series of Intel-designed components, deliver the flexibility of modular computing and let you create custom, modular solutions to fit your client's exact needs.

Reimagining Computing So You Can Imagine New Solutions

From rugged systems in unique environments to full systems in a business or vertical environment, Intel® NUC Element let you deliver ideal, custom solutions with minimal R&D time.

The Intel® NUC Element family includes:

  • Intel® NUC Compute Elements
  • Intel® NUC Board Elements
  • Intel® NUC Chassis Elements
  • Intel® NUC Assembly Element

An Entirely New Way to Design, Build, and Service Systems

Start with an Intel® NUC 8 Compute Element with a complete range of Intel brand processors. Then plug it into an Intel® NUC Rugged Board Element, Intel® NUC Pro Board Element, and integrate it into your solution. The Compute Element can be dropped into an Intel® NUC Rugged Chassis Element for systems in unique environments, or business and vertical environments.

The modularity of Intel® NUC Elements lets you drive innovation and transform where compute devices can be deployed, pushing the boundaries of where and how computing can enrich life.

Intel® NUC Pro Board Element and Intel® NUC Pro Assembly Element
Available as a carrier board only option or with a thermal solution.

Intel® NUC Rugged Board Element and Intel® NUC Rugged Chassis Element
Available with three carrier board and chassis options: Expandable, Dual LAN, and Multi HDMI.

Intel® NUC Pro Chassis Element
Available with two chassis options: Base and Video Capture & Audio.

Intel® NUC Elements Are Redefining System Integration

Simple, Flexible, Powerful

The benefits of the Intel ® NUC 8 Compute Element and the Intel ® NUC Pro Compute Element are their size, flexibility, and I/0, which make it easy to create small, custom solutions. The compact size of an Intel ® NUC 8 Compute Element coupled with an Intel ® NUC Board Element, gives you the flexibility to design the exact solution your customer or market demands, delivering powerful systems that can be integrated or deployed in more places than ever before.

Easy to Upgrade and Service

The ability to swap out a component for upgrade makes the Intel ® NUC Elements a natural choice for your commercial and consumer customers. It also makes upselling easier because you can simply snap in an Intel ® NUC Compute Element with a more powerful processor. Whether you are an MSP remotely servicing business clients or a channel partner working with customers in the field, it’s simple to replace an Intel ® NUC Compute Element, to get a malfunctioning system back up and running quickly. In addition, systems with Intel vPro® technology can be remotely managed and remediated.

Intel Innovation, Your Integration

By transforming the boundaries of how systems can be built and serviced, Intel is once again revolutionizing computing in order to help you succeed. Effectively cut your R&D time with a modular solution innovated and designed by Intel that enables you to bring your product to market faster. The Intel ® NUC Elements let you integrate compute and connectivity into almost anything—which means your solutions can be found in unexpected places and in amazing new products.

See the Power of Small Solutions with Big Innovation