Intel® NUC Assembly Elements

Intel® NUC Assembly Elements are designed for specific Intel® NUC
Board Elements to provide additional ease in building custom integrations.


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Intel® NUC Pro Assembly Element

  • M.2 SSD ฟอร์มแฟคเตอร์ของไดรฟ์ภายใน
  • HDMI, eDP กราฟิกเอาท์พุต
  • 117 x 147 x 25 mm Chassis Dimensions

Features and Benefits

Customized Cooling for Unique Integrations

Assemblies provide required cooling for system integrations.

Small Footprint

Each assembly is designed for compact performance with minimal increase in the overall footprint.

Board Specific

Each Intel® NUC assembly is designed for a specific Intel® NUC Board.